How to soft reset oras Starters?

Before knowing that how to soft reset oras Starters we must know that

What is soft reset and why we need to soft reset oras Starters?

Ans: The term “soft reset” means when we reset our game to the main menu by not taking the help of the power button. We should do this because whenever we press the power button regularly. It can cause damage to the game or our system’s hardware may also get damaged by this process.

Soft resetting the oras Starters is very simple work and we can do this by two simple methods.
The process to soft reset oras starters are given below:

  • At First, we have to the buttons L and R. After that we can soft reset with the help of two buttons “START” and another is “SELECT”.
  • To do this with the help of the START button. We should press L + R + START at the same time and then it will automatically reset.
  • To do this with the help of the SELECT button. We should follow the same process only in place of the START button we should click the SELECT button with L and R as follows: L+R+SELECT at the same time.

These are the methods to soft reset the oras Starters.