HP omen laptop reset

You can reset the computer’s BIOS settings to the factory defaults by choosing to restore defaults in the BIOS or removing the CMOS battery from the computer that has been shut down for about five minutes. The method of removing the battery requires opening the computer case, so only try it if you cannot enter the BIOS to reset the software settings.

So, Here is how you can reset the HP Omen laptop to its factory default settings. 

Bios reset or software reset HP omen laptop

Factory reset is also called a master reset, which is used to restore an electronic device to its
previous or original state. This is also an attempt to restore the original manufacturer’s settings. This method effectively erases all data on the device. This is usually used to solve problems.

1. First, disconnect all the connected devices from the HP omen laptop.
2. Turn on the HP Omen laptop.
3. Press the F10 key to your HP omen laptop after turn on it enter into the Bios. You will see your screen is changed and entered into the Bios screen.
4. You will see the Bios menu where you have to select the “Restore default” option. 
5. Move ahead and look for the “Factory reset” or “Erase all data” option and click on it.
6.  If a message prompted on the screen then simply click on the “Reset” option.

Bios is reset is completed in HP omen laptop.

Battery reset or Power reset HP Omen laptop


  • Turn off the computer and unplug the charging cable if the HP omen laptop is connected to it. 
  • 2.

  • You have a HP omen laptop, right ? so, remove the battery from it. Disconnect all connected devices, and then move them.
  • 3.

  • Touch the nearest metal object, such as B. door handles or kitchen utensils to discharge static electricity. 
  • 4.

  • Remove all screws and bolts. For laptop computers: Remove the screws securing the detachable base plate. 
  • 5.

  • Remove the bottom cover of the laptop.
  • 6.

  • Locate the CMOS battery on the motherboard. This is a silver round waffle, the size of two quarters stacked together. 
  • 7.

  • Remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard and gently pull it out with a screwdriver. 
  • 8.

  • Remove the battery from the computer for five minutes, and then install it on the motherboard. Close the panel and replace all screws And quickly tighten the screws to the original position. 
  • 9.

  • Connect the power cord and peripheral devices you disconnected to the computer. Replace the battery in the laptop. 
  • 10.

  • Turn on the HP Omen laptop to reset the BIOS to factory default settings.

These are all steps which you need to perform to finish battery reset or power reset in HP omen