reset garbage disposal

How to reset a garbage disposal

In this article, we will know the process to reset garbage disposal. So, if you are facing problems while resetting your garbage disposal. Then read this article properly, here you will be completely aware of the process of resetting garbage disposal properly.
But, before we will learn this process, first we must know about the features of garbage disposal and how it works. We will also know the reasons for resetting this garbage disposal.

What is a garbage disposal?

We all are aware of the sink, that is placed in the kitchen of our houses. So, inside the sink, there is a device that is mounted to collect all the garbage that comes from the sink. This device is said to be a garbage disposal. The garage disposal uses electricity to collect all the solid food waste that comes from the sink. This device makes the solid waste into a very small size that can easily pass through plumbing.

Why do we need to reset a garbage disposal?

When you will use garbage disposal for a long time. Then there could be many types of issues in it that need to be solved. Sometimes after using garbage disposal without resetting, it gets very heated and begins to work unproperly.
Then in this situation, you can only solve this problem by performing a reset on your garbage disposal. Sometimes when the garbage disposal gets overload, then it also shuts down automatically. So, to fix this type of problem also you need to reset the garbage disposal.

The process to reset garbage disposal:

Now, we will know the process that will help us to reset it properly. Once we will reset the garbage disposal that, many types of issues will get fixed automatically.

Follow the steps provided below :
  • First of all, before you will start the process of resetting it. You need to make sure that the switch provided on the garbage disposal is turned off. Without making sure this doesn’t begin the process.
  • Now, you have to find the red-colored button given on the garbage disposal. Once you will get this button, at that point, you have to press it for several seconds. (At least 5 to 6 seconds).
  • After performing this step, you have to turn the tap of the sink for several seconds. The tap must be of cold water. After this, you have to again press the button on the disposal provided to turn it on.

When you will press the button, then the garbage disposal will turn on. Once the garbage disposal will turn on, after that, the process to reset it will complete.