reset Comfee washing machine

How to reset Comfee washing machine

If you are using the Comfee washing machine for a long time and now want to reset it due to some reason. But you don’t know the proper way of doing it. Then follow this article properly where you will know about the process that will help you to reset Comfee washing machine.

Nowadays, there are many new types of washing machines are coming into the market. People can operate these washing machines very easily and smartly as they all have many digital controlling features. So, these days washing machines are also getting updated as per the requirements of people. Just like this only, the comfee washing machine also has so many digital features. But with these features, sometimes, many types of issues also arise. To fix these issues we have to reset our washing machine.
Before starting the process, we will know about few things that need to be clear.

Why do we need to reset comfee washing machine?

As we know that, nowadays with the increase in technology washing machines are also getting updated and many types of new digital functions are coming. So, when there will be more features like the digital screen on the comfee washing machine and many other advanced features. Then people will also get confused sometimes after making changes in the settings of comfee washing machine.
So, to get all the settings back to the default mode and be clear about the use of different features. You will have to reset comfee washing machine. Once you will reset comfee washing machine that, there will be no confusion in using its features.
Now we will proceed to the resetting process,

Steps to reset comfee washing machine:

Follow the steps that are given below that will help you in resetting the washing machine properly:

  • To start the process first, you have to open your device and then find the button provided for “power”.
  • When you will get the button given for power on, at that point you have to press it for several seconds (at least 4 to 5 seconds). Then you have to find the button provided for “new washing process”. Then press that button to proceed further.
  • After doing this all, you have to find the button given for starting the washing process or stopping the washing process. Then press that button.

So, when you will follow this simple process given above. Then you will be provided with the option of resetting comfee washing machine on the screen of the device. After that, you just have to follow the on-screen procedure. Once the procedure given on the screen will be finished. Then comfee washing machine will get reset.

Note: After resetting the washing machine all the settings will get changes to their default form.