How to reset DirecTV genie

Are you sure you have to reset the DirecTV genie? Well, Gone through this article, I have provided each instruction carefully.
Remember that Genie clients are not transferable, so you can’t sell or give them away, and it’s hard to imagine clients having to screw up so much that you can’t find a solution. But sometimes it happens.

Reset DirecTV genie with red button

  • With the client powered on, press and hold the red reset button for about 30 seconds.
  • They really don’t want you to misuse it. This should return the client to its original state, and you can add it back and redo everything.

In most cases, customers only need to successfully connect to their DVR to start customizing it. If you have other clients in your household, you can copy their settings. To copy settings from other clients follow the steps.

  • First, press the “Menu” button from the remote control and go to “Settings whole home”.
  • From here, you can select “copy settings“, which will display your favorites list and some preferences. Some additional adjustments may be required.

maybe, you can’t solve the problem using the above method then press the red button on the DVR or server. This will disconnect all clients at the same time. Now, a full reboot of your entire system starts and it will take a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes. You may also need to restart the clients at this time for them to work.

Reset DirecTV Genie using remote controller

It doesn’t a different thing if you reset Genie of DirecTV using a remote control or by pressing the red button. Both will do the same work. However, I have written this method in case the first one doesn’t work properly.
Step 1:- Press the “Menu” button. now, scroll down using the arrow down button and select the “Settings” option.
Step 2: Then, press the arrow up button until you reach the reset option. Press the select button to select the reset option.
Step 3: Now, To reset the client, choose to restart this receiver. You have to select restart all locations to restart the server.
You will see another screen prompting you to confirm by pressing the DASH (-) button to the left of zero.

Reset DirecTV Genie remote

Sometimes, you might solve the issue by only resetting the remote control. So, Let’s do it.

  • Take DirecTV Genie Remote and move it away from the main receiver or any of its components.
  • Now, Press and hold the “Select” and the “Mute” buttons at the same time and hold them until the light on the remote flashes twice.
  • At last, On the remote control keypad, press the numbers “9“, “8” and “1” all at the same time or one after another.
  • If you have done this reset properly then on the remote control light will flash of 4 times and the remote will be reset.