How to reset iPhone se

Now, iPhone SE becomes an old model but some people still continue to use it. This guide will definitely help the user of the iPhone SE to solve the hanging or slugging issue. After the iPhone SE, many new models of iPhone launched in the market such as iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro max. So, if you want to upgrade the phone to the latest model, you should go through the beneath process once. It will help you to erase all the data from your iPhone and reset it to manufactured settings. Now, it becomes easy for you to trade your iPhone SE or give someone else.
If you still want to use continue it without upgrading the model, you can also fix the glitches and errors of the iPhone SE using the below quick steps.

Soft reset iPhone SE

The main difference between the soft reset and hard reset iPhone SE is that soft reset does not erase anything from your iPhone but hard reset removes all the things including media, files, and documents. A soft reset will erase the primary memory only so that it solves the software glitches in your iPhone SE.

  • On your iPhone SE press and hold the Home button (you will find the rounded button at the bottom of the screen.) +sleep button (you will find the rectangular small button at the top right side of the iPhone SE).
  • Keep holding both buttons together for 10 to 20 seconds or until it will restart again.
  • When you see the silver Apple logo on the screen of the iPhone SE, release both buttons.

The soft reset process is completed and it is nothing more than a system reboot. When you have not restart your Phone for a long time, some processes cause the problem. Once you will restart iPhone SE, all processes will start from the beginning which helps you to run your iPhone SE smoothly.

Reset iPhone SE disabled

It seems hard to do anything on your phone when it is disabled. But Don’t worry you can reset the phone to default settings without touching the phone if you have an Apple account id and password. So, let’s begin the factory reset iPhone SE using the iCloud find my iPhone feature.

  • On the computer or other mobile device, open the official website of iCloud.
  • Next, log in with the id and password of your Apple account.
  • Now, from the top section select the All device option. Here, you will get a list of all iOS devices which is connected to your Apple account.
  • Select iPhone Se device and click on the Erase iPhone button next to iPhone SE.
  • If it will ask you to authenticate again then enter the Apple id password.
  • When all data has been wiped from your iPhone SE, System will reboot and you will see a brand new iPhone SE.

Reset iPhone SE without apple id password

However, this method will do the same operation as the above one but when you remember the password of your phone but don’t have an apple account id and password, we suggest you use this method. We will erase iPhone SE from itself here.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone SE. Next, scroll down and move to the General option.
  • Now, navigate to the reset option.
  • Simply, click on the Erase all Content and Settings on the screen of your iPhone SE to hard reset the device.
  • If you see a popup asking for the password of your iPhone device then enter it.
  • When you complete the above 4 steps, it will start the process and takes time to complete according to data stored on your iPhone SE.