reset LG 86UP8770PUA tv

How to Reset LG 86UP8770PUA TV

Read this article if you want to know about LG 86UP8770PUA tv and about its features. At the end we will also learn about How to reset LG 86UP8770PUA tv.
So, this television is completely based for high resolution video experiences as it has a LED 4K screen.
People will also get apps in this tv and many of them will be the one which you use with internet so it is not just an ordinary tv it is more than that.
This smart television is very large and has 86.6’’ display. It is the best product for persons who love to play games on PlayStation as you will be provided with game optimizer.
Let’s talk about some connectivity features:
In this you will get the features like wi-fi to connect to the network
There is also Bluetooth available which is inbuilt.

It was all about the tv and the features it has.

One thing everyone want to know whenever they have some issues with their product is that how they can reset their device’s settings.

  • This article is completely based on the process that how anyone can reset LG 86UP8770PUA tv?
  • It’s very easy to do this work and to learn it continue reading the article-
  • Go and find the remote of your tv and press the “smart” button which of course every one of us know what it is.
  • Look at the screen where you have to select the setting option which is displayed by gear icon.
  • Now many options will appear but we have to choose general settings.
  • In this we will see reset to initial font. Just click on it and confirm yes and wait for a while the tv will restart and process will begin without any other interference.