reset master lock

How to reset master lock

If you have forgotten the combination of your master lock and are facing problems due to it. Then you can easily solve this problem and set a new combination for the master lock. To do this first you have to reset master lock. But if you are not aware of this process, then you can learn it by reading this article.
Here, we will know about the process for resetting the master lock. So, if you want to know the process of resetting the master lock, then you must follow the steps that are provided in this article.
But before knowing the process, first, we must know the reasons for resetting the master lock,

Why do we have to reset master lock?

Sometimes when we forget the combination for opening or locking our master lock. This happens so many times when we forget to write down the combination or mail it to ourselves. At this point, we have only one option left for us. This option is to reset master lock. When we will perform this process after that we can get access to our bag once again. But before we start the resetting process of our master lock. We can also try other methods to get access to the Master lock.
So, these were the reasons to reset the master lock, now we will proceed further to know the steps to reset master lock.

Steps to reset master lock

If this type of problem happens with you while traveling. Then you also need to reset the master lock. To get aware of this process you need to follow the process given below here:

Unlocking master lock

You can simply unlock your master lock by following the steps given below:

  • First of all, you have to find the button. After this, you have to put pressure on the system of the lock mechanism.
  • To do this you have to find the button and push it or you have to find the lock and pull it.
  • After you will do this, then you have to start turning the dial.
  • Now, you have first started turning the first dial. But remember this process should be done very properly and slowly.
  • When you will hear the sound of a click from the first dial. At that point, your first number is correct.
  • Then you have to enter the number by turning the second dial until it will also provide the sound of a click.
  • This step should be again repeated with the third dial. Once the third dial will also produce the click sound. At that point, your combination will become correct and the lock will be unlocked.
Setting new combination
  • Now, to start the process first you have to turn the first, second, and third dial to the number 000.
  • After you will turn all the dials to 000. Then you have to let the shackle turned at an angle of 90 degrees. This angle should be from the position of the lock.
  • Now you have to get the shackle down. To do this you just need to push it down. This means that you have to push the shackle and get the shackle outside from the lock.
  • Once you will complete this task. After that, you will get access to set the new combination as you want.
  • When you will set the new combination. Then you have to get the shackle pulled up.
  • Now, you have to turn the shackle again to the position of the lock.

After this whole process will finish. Then your master lock will get reset. Once you will reset the combination then you should save it on your mobile phone or write it in your diary.