reset HP printer

How to reset HP printer

If you are facing a problem while performing the process of resetting your Hp printer. Then this article will help you to reset Hp printer properly.
In this article, the process to reset the hp printer is provided. So, if you don’t have an idea about how to reset your printer, then this article will be very helpful for you. All you have to do is just follow all the steps provided and perform them properly. Once you will finish all the steps given in this article properly. Then after that, your hp printer will easily get reset.
Before heading to the process of resetting the hp printer. First, you must know about the reasons for resetting the printer.

Why do we need to reset the Hp printer?

When we use the Hp printer for many types of purposes. Then, at that point, many of us face issues with our Hp printer. Like when we attempt to connect the Hp printer with our laptop or our mobile phone. Then, at that point sometimes we experience numerous sorts of connection-related problems. So, to solve these problems we have to reset the printer.
Some problems that happen with our hp printer are also related to some technical issues. Like when we use a hp printer for numerous kinds of work, then sometimes the printer stops responding and is unable to work properly. This usually happens when the printer gets old. So, to solve this type of problem also we can try resetting our hp printer.

These were the reasons for resetting the hp printer. Now, we will proceed further to know the process of resetting the hp printer,

Steps to reset HP printer:

  • You have to first switch on the system of your Hp printer with the help of the button provided for power on. You will get this button on your Hp printer.
  • Now, you have to reach the menu of the main screen of the Hp printer. The main screen is also known as the home screen.
  • Once the screen of the home menu will be visible. Then you have to find the option provided for opening the menu of “settings or configuration”.
  • After finding the option for opening the menu of “settings”. You have to choose this option which will take you to the screen of settings.
  • Now, after opening the menu for settings. You need to select the “general settings” option.
  • Once the menu will appear for “general settings”. Then from there, you find the option of “factory defaults”.
  • After finding the “factory defaults” option. You have to press on this menu.
  • From there you will get the option for “reset”. You have to press on this option.
  • After confirming the option for restore. You need to select “ok”.

When you will press “ok” then after that you hp printer will restart and then the resetting process will finish.