reset Travelers club luggage lock

How to reset Travelers club luggage lock

A luggage lock is used to protect your personal things which are inside the bag. Travelers club also comes with a luggage lock. But what if you forgot the luggage lock? Do you know how to reset Travelers club luggage lock?
In some cases, you need to change the luggage lock then the below steps will be useful for you. Obviously, if you forgot the lock combination then you have no other choice to unlock the luggage except to reset the combination.

Reset Travelers club luggage lock

Every different luggage lock has its own method to reset the combination of the lock. Travelers club has also their own method. Here, some steps to reset the Travelers club luggage lock.

  • First, you have to set the dial to the default combination which is 000.
  • Now, simply rotate the shackle at a 90-degree angle from the current position of the lock.
  • Now, push the shackle outside the lock and set the new combination of code.
  • Next, pull the shackle inside the lock and rotate it 90-degree again at its default position.

Reset TravelPro luggage lock

Travelpro is an American brand that provides luggage bags with a security lock. You don’t need to keep eye on your luggage bag when you have locked it with a unique combination of digits. It becomes annoying when you also forget the combination of the lock and at last, you have to reset the combination. To reset the travel pro luggage lock, you have to follow a current section of this guide.

  • First, make sure that the dial of the lock is at 0,0,0 position.
  • Next, confirm the lock is released by sliding the release button towards dials.
  • Take a small object which can be inserted into the reset button. You can use a small pin or paper clip to press the reset button. Make sure you are holding the reset button while settings the new combination.
  • Now, set the dial to the new combination.
  • Now, confirm that code is set properly by pushing the release button Push the release button towards the dials.
  • Test the new combination of the digit is working fine or not. Also, check using other combinations and ensure that the dial should not be opened while entering the wrong combination.

You have reset the travelpro luggage lock successfully and now you can use the new combination to open your luggage bag.

Reset American Tourister luggage lock

Now, we are going to reset the lock combination of the American Tourister luggage lock.

  • First, open the American Tourister luggage lock by rotating the while and setting the combination.
  • Again rotate the wheel and set it to default combination which means at 0-0-0.
  • Locate the reset button at the side of the lock and hold it.
  • While holding the reset button set wheels at a new combination and release the reset button.