how to backup apps on android before factory reset

There are many people who are facing issues with an Android smartphone such as smartphone hanging, sound problems, display problems, etc. To resolve it some time you need to do a factory reset your whole smart Android phone but you lost all data when you do factory reset.
The question is Do you know how to backup apps on android before a factory reset? really! don’t know? Don’t worry. we have some methods we have explained some quick and easy methods out of that all.

Methods to backup apps on Android before factory reset

Generally, we have 2 options to take a backup of data before we perform a factory reset in Android smart. Either we can back up in cloud storage or we can back up in the external device. For cloud storage, we will use Google Drive apps.

1. Backup all apps and data to Google drive (Cloud storage)

As you all know Google drive is an official cloud storage application of Google that provides you free 15 GB storage into the cloud service. So, here we will backup whole phone data into the cloud storage so that we can also access it from another device.
If 15Gb is doesn’t enough for you to backup the whole mobile data then you can create another account take a backup of some files in another account. Officially, you can get more storage by paying some charges to Google for your same account.

  • Download and install the Google Drive app into your Android smartphone from the Google play store.
  • Now, log in with your primary Google account into Google drive if you dose not have a Google account then you can create a new one.
  • When you successfully signed in to Google Drive, select the Add option and choose Upload Icon to upload any kind of files.
  • Now, select all files which you want to upload. When you finished the uploading tap on the Done icon. Here, Google drive gives you an option to select an option of network configuration while uploading. If you don’t want to use your phone’s Internet data then you can set to use wi-fi data. It will do an automatic backup when your smartphone is connected to wi-fi.
Backup all apps and data into external device via USB

This is the simple method to take a backup of your Android phone’s all data. Here, we need an external device like a pen drive, hard drive, SD card, etc. Moreover, you can take backups into your computer also.

  • First of all, take a USB charging cable of your phone and connect your phone and computer or external hard drive via it.
  • If you will see permission messages on your phone then allow the computer to access your phone.
  • Now, go to your computer and open the Windows file explorer menu. You will see your Android device here.
  • Go to that Android device and you can open here all folders which are inside your phone. Now, navigate to any folder which has your important data stored. Copy files and paste them into your computer at any other place.