how to factory reset HP Chromebook laptop

Want to pass this new Chromebook on to another owner? You’ll want to reset it to factory settings by deleting all of your personal data. However, you should know that you will be deleting your saved files, photos, networks, and permissions. If you follow the below instructions, you will see the initial registration screen on the HP Chromebook laptop. You will learn to factory reset the HP Chromebook laptop in the below guide.

Methods to factory reset HP Chromebook laptop We’ve included everything you can see, from how to factory reset a Chromebook without passcode to how to power wash or hard reset it. Anyone can use it according to their needs.

Simple method to reset Chromebook laptop

  • You first need to click on the menu which you find at the bottom right of the screen in your HP Chromebook laptop.
  • Now, click on the settings menu icon and search for Powerwash into the search bar.
  • Now, on the screen of the HP Chromebook laptop, you will see the restart button. Tap on it and then click on continue to go to the next step of the process.
  • Ultimately, you have done Powerwash into your system. It will take some time to factory reset and you have to wait for it till the process will be completed. 

How you can factory reset HP Chromebook Laptop without the password

When you forgot the password of the HP Chromebook then you dose not need to open it. Yes! you have heard exactly right. You can factory reset it without a password using the beneath guide.

  • Use these Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts to reset your Chromebook’s password for forgotten. 
  • At these steps, Restart your HP Chromebook laptop and press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R keys simultaneously on the login screen. 
  • The reset window opens right away. Click “Power Wash” and select “Reset“. This will start the process of factory resetting your Chromebook without a password.

This method is the same as the above one but you can use this method specifically when you
forgot the password of your HP Chromebook laptop.

Factory reset Chromebook using recovery mode

A hard reset can be done when your Chromebook not starting at all or hang in the middle. Also, if the above doesn’t work, you can hard reset your Chromebook with this method. Unlike a regular power wash, a  hard reset restores both the Chromebook software configuration and hardware configuration to factory default settings. It uses Chromebook recovery mode to facilitate the reset option. Now that I’ve explained everything, here’s how to run it.

  • First, completely power off your Chromebook. After that, hold down the “Update” key and the physical “Power” button at the same time. 
  • If your Chromebook won’t start, press the above key combination simultaneously after connecting it to a power source.
  • Chromebook says ‘Chrome OS is missing/corrupted. “Release” all keys when the screen appears. Then press Ctrl + D to open the Chrome recovery screen. 
  • Then, according to the on-screen instructions, your Chromebook will be successfully hard reset.