How to reset a hp ProBook laptop without password?

How to factory reset a hp ProBook laptop?

Sometimes we lose our passwords for the hp ProBook laptop because of some problems. In this situation, we try to recover our password or get access to the laptop again. To get access to our laptop in these situations we can do only one thing which is to reset hp ProBook laptop without a password.

Before we do the factory reset of our HP ProBook laptop, we must know that doing so will remove all the files, software applications, videos, and photos, etc. If we have done the backup of all the files and documents then it is safe to reset a laptop but if not then we must need to confirm it fully before resetting our laptop. Make sure that we have backup our files in cloud storage, not in drives.

Here in this article, we will know that how to reset a hp ProBook laptop without password? To learn this method just continue reading the above lines given in the article:

  • We have to go to the sign-in window first from there only we can do something.
  • Now, once we will be on the sign in window, we have to first press the shift button.
  • While pressing the shift key we will click on the “power icon”.
  • Now we have to choose the option “restart” and while doing so we will continue to press the shift button.
  • After few seconds we will get a prompt for “choose an option”.
  • In that, we will select the “troubleshoot” option.
  • After clicking the troubleshoot we will get the “reset” option.
  • Now we have to just select the reset option.
  • After that we will get the option to remove everything, we will select that and proceed.
  • That’s all reset of hp ProBook without a password will get done.