how to reset Emerson Sensi thermostat

Sometimes it may be necessary to reset the Emerson Sensi thermostat. Thermostat resetting means resetting the thermostat to factory settings and is useful for troubleshooting programming, HVAC systems, or thermostat connections. If you find yourself turning on your air conditioner or heater but can’t seem to reach the ideal temperature in your home and keep the heat on, here’s another reason to reset your thermostat. 

You may also find that it cannot switch to heating or cooling mode using the thermostat or in the Sensi app. The thermostat configuration may have been accidentally changed. You need to be in front of the thermostat to adjust the setting to your system type. Your thermostat must be configured according to the type of heat conductor installed, as well as the type of system. Read on for how to reset the Emerson Sensi thermostats.

how to reset Emerson Sensi thermostat

Either the Keypad lockout is ON or your thermostat keypads are not responding when any button is pressed. You will, however, be able to use the backlight. Check the display of your thermostat and app for a lock icon to see if
Keypad Lockout is enabled.

In case you have tried the above given steps and you come to the conclusion that the buttons on your emerson thermostat are not working after you have made sure that the Keypad Lockout is turned off, or if you only see a partial display, you must reset your thermostat. Proceed through these guides or
instructions to reset your thermostat.

  • Gently pull on both sides of the thermostat to remove the faceplate from the wall.
  • Remove the two AA batteries and wait for the display to go out.
  • Reinsert the battery and replace the faceplate on the wall.
  • After one minute the thermostat will reset.

how to reconnect Emerson Sensi thermostat System to the wi-fi

  • Start by opening the Sensi app.
  • Click on the + sign icon.
  • Select the model and the option of the Emerson Sensi thermostat.
  • Now, On the thermostat, press the Menu button.
  • Just Tap on the Wi-Fi option and tap “Set up a new network” or tap the Wi-Fi icon.
  • You will be able to see the Sensi network (Sensi-XXXXXX) In the app.
  • Click on “Next” to finish the connecting with wi-fi.

 If you are unable to connect or receive the error message “Thermostat is offline” when opening the Sensi app, your Sensi thermostat cannot establish or has lost connection to your network Wi-Fi with you or with the Sensi cloud server. Let’s go through the steps to establish/re-establish the connection. 
However, you have a better choice. Sensi thermostats will control your heating and cooling when your Wi-Fi connection is lost also. If you run a program and then lose Internet access, Sensi will keep running the current

Conclusion and warnings

Once you will reset your Emerson Sensi thermostat you have to re-establish all the connections which you have previously connected with it.