how to reset Fitbit ace 2

Fitbit 2 are great activity trackers for kids, but they’re not without their problems. Unfortunately, the original Fitbit Ace did not provide a full factory reset method. If you have problems, simply disconnect the device from your account to erase it. However, you can do a factory reset Fitbit ace 2 to restore it to default or original settings.
This tutorial shows you the easiest way to perform factory initialization on your FITBIT Ace 2. Removes all personal data, user-defined settings, and installed apps from your device. Be sure to make a copy of your data before using a hard reset.

When You Have To master Reset / Factory Reset Your FITBIT Ace 2 Device.

Here, you will find some reasons to factory reset the Fitbit ace 2 smart trackers.


  • When you have forgotten the screen lock.
  • If you want to erase all data from the smart tracker
  • Moreover, when forgotten user code, phone lock or pattern lock, etc.
  • If you found a software  error in your smartphone
  • When your phone running sluggish.

Hard Reset Fitbit ace 2

You may also want to provide factory initialization for your Fitbit ace 2 tracker or smartwatch and erase your data. In such case, you will follow these steps it will reset Fitbit ace 2 to default settings.

  • Start the process by plugging the charging cable into a USB port on your computer. However, you can plug in into the charger also. Move ahead according to your choice.
  • Clip the other end of the charging cable to the port on the back of the track. You know the connection is secure when the tracker vibrates and a battery icon appears on the tracker display. 
  • The tracker will start charging. Tap the switch on the charging cable 3 times within seconds. The button has the end of the charging cable connected to the computer. 
  • When you see the Fitbit logo and the tracker vibrates, the tracker will restart.
  • Remove the charging cable from the tracker.

Soft reset Fitbit ace 2

  • Use your Fitbit ace 2 smart tracker to open the Settings menu. 
  • In Fitbit ace 2 Smart Tracker,  To restart, tap the Reboot Device option for 5 seconds in
    the Settings menu.

  • You will feel vibration when Fitbit ace 2 will restart again after rebooting.

This is a simple and soft method to reset ace 2. Here, you dose not lose any single data from your Fitbit ace 2 smart tracker like an above method of factory reset. You will find all data of sleep tracking, walking steps, etc. still stored in your device without any harm. 

Conclusion and warnings

The use of a hard reset is safe and cannot cause damage. With this feature, a set of software and applications are installed on the FITBIT Ace 2 device at the factory.  Hard reset will delete all user data such as photos, videos, and music stored in the internal memory. Back up your information before performing a hard reset.