how to reset Fitbit Alta for a new user

It’s time to say goodbye to your Fitbit Alta fitness smart tracker.  However, you need to follow some steps to reset Fitbit Alta for a new owner or new user. You should clear all the data which remains inside the Fitbit Alta smart tracker or smartwatch for your privacy and personal data security. 

Like other Fitbit devices or other smart tracker’s Fitbit Alta has no option to remove all the data from the Fitbit device. That’s doesn’t mean you can’t wipe the all data in a single click and restore the Fitbit Alta into the default or pre-built settings.

In the Fitbit Alta fitness tracker, all the data will erase automatically when you unlink it from your old account and pair it to a new account. That’s a more interesting and quite a simple option to slapped all the stored data. In the next section of this tutorial article, we have provided a full escort means guide for you.

Reset Fitbit Alta for a new user by erasing the all data

You can do this function from the Fitbit mobile app and also by going on the website of the Fitbit where you have registered your email id for the Fitbit Alta device.


  • Either open the Fitbit app and Go on the official website at 
  • Now, login into the Fitbit account with your registered email id and password. If you forgot the password then you can reset it using the forgot password option on the login screen.
  • You have successfully signed in to your Fitbit account. Am I right? Do you want to restore your Fitbit activity tracker’s data before you erase all the data? If yes, then go on the menu and find the data export option. Jump into that and follow the steps to export all the tracking activity data. Fitbit will send detailed instructions to you at your registered email address. Follow that steps.
  • Now, we are ready to erase all the data from the Fitbit device. Click on the Gear Icon on the top right corner of the dashboard screen of the Fitbit website to enter into the settings menu.
  • Scroll down at the bottom of the page and select Remove this Alta from your account. You have unlinked your device from your account. Now, you can’t see any tracking or personal data on the tracker.


When you sell the Fitbit Alta activity smart tracker, it’s need to delete all the data from the device but it’s also required to export it if the data is important for you. As mentioned above you can directly export the last 31 day’s data from the website of Fitbit. 

Also, if you have sold the Fitbit Alta activity tracker and if you no more have a Fitbit device then
you can delete your Fitbit account also if you want. You can do this work from the dashboard of the website of Fitbit or the mobile app.

Finally, your Fitbit Alta smart tracker is ready to sell. You can give it to a new user without any delay.