How to reset Motorola moto G7 power?

In this article, we will know how to reset Motorola moto G7 power? But before that we will know about the features of this device.

The Motorola moto G7 power is a smart phone manufactured by the company Motorola. If you want a mobile phone which gives you very durable battery backup then this smartphone will be best for you. It has a battery of 5000 MAH. You can also play high graphics game on this phone. It consists of quad-core processor and snapdragon inside it. With this processor many games can be played on this mobile phone.

This mobile phone from the brand Motorola also has good camera quality. It contains a 12 mega pixels camera which has the functions like HDR, portrait mode and panorama also. You can also watch HD videos and movies on this mobile phone. The moto G7 power has a full HD screen because of this you can easily open a video of 1080p resolution also. The screen size of this mobile phone is 6.2 inches. You can also store so much content easily on the Motorola moto G7 power. It consists of 64 GB of storage inside it and also has a RAM of 4 GB.
So, these were the main features of this device. Now we will know,

Why do we need to reset the Motorola Moto G7 power?

As we all know one thing that whenever we buy this kind of product which is a very high-performance device then with this quality, we always get some problems after using our smart phone for a long time. So, if you are also facing the issues with your smart phone. If you are using your device and suddenly it starts working unusual or hanging. If your phone is turning off automatically sometimes and freezing while scrolling the pages.
These all problems start due to some viruses inside your mobile or if your mobile storage is full and there is no space left in your phone. In order to make your mobile phone work properly as it was working when you purchased it you need to factory reset your phone.

What happens after we reset the Motorola moto G7 power?

When you will reset your moto G7 power then after that you will let your device to remove all of your contacts, delete all the videos and photos, uninstall all of the useful applications and games. It will also make all the changes to your mobile phone’s settings and you have to reconfigure all the settings again after the phone will restart. These all items and documents will be safe if you will sync all of them with your Google account before resetting your moto G7 power.

How to reset the Motorola moto G7 power?

If you don’t know the process to reset the Motorola moto G7 power, then follow the given steps which will help you to do this process:

  • You have to open your phone’s home screen first by pressing the power switch.
  • Once your Motorola moto G7 power’s home screen will open, you need to open the settings menu. To do this you need to scroll your home screen down where you will see the option for settings.
  • Now in the menu of settings, you will see the words “backup & reset”. Just select it and open it by tapping on it.
  • Once the menu for “backup and reset” will appear in that you will get an option for “factory data reset”.
  • You have to just select that option by tapping on “factory data reset”.
  • When you will open the “factory data reset” menu you will see that there is an option provided “reset your phone”.
  • By choosing and selecting that option you will get a confirmation prompt.
  • You have to tap on “yes” and after that the process of factory reset moto G7 power will start.

How to reset Motorola G7 power phone that is locked?

If you have forgotten the password of the Motorola G7 power phone. After that, when you try to open the mobile phone and type the wrong password or pin. When you do this for 5 to 6 times then your Motorola moto G7 power gets locked automatically. Due to this, you will be not able to open your Motorola moto G7 power phone.

Now, in this situation if you want to get access to your phone. Then to get access to the Motorola moto G7 power you have to reset it. But you only know the process to reset the Motorola moto G7 power when it is not locked. So, if you want to know that how to reset Motorola moto G7 power phone that is locked? You have to just follow the steps given below properly:

    To do this process, you have to back up the internal memory of your Motorola G7.

  • First of all, you have to switch off the Motorola moto G7 power. To do this you have to press the “power button” given on the mobile phone for more than 5 seconds and select “turn off”.
  • Now, once your mobile phone will get turned off. You have to press the button given for “volume” and the power button together.
  • After this the Motorola moto G7 power will start to turn on. Once you will observe this you have to release the power button but not the volume buttons.
  • Now you will get the menu for “recovery”. After that you have to go to the recovery mode with the help of the volume keys.
  • imp:
  • Once you will go to the “recovery mode”. You have to open it by pressing the power button again.
  • Now you will get the option for “android’ with the exclamation sign. You have to select it by pressing the volume up and power buttons at same time.
  • Now you have to go to the option of “reset” with the help off the buttons given for the volume. After that you have select the reset option by pressing the power button.
  • When you will select it then you have to confirm it go to the “yes” option with the help of volume button. After that you have to confirm it by pressing the power button again on the word “yes”.
  • Once you will do this after that your Motorola G7 will start the process of reset.
  • After the completion of the process, you will be able to reset the password of your mobile phone. You just have to link your Google account again with the phone.