How to reset Vizio Sound bar?

In this article, we will learn to reset the Vizio Soundbar. But, before this, we will know about this Soundbar and its features,

This soundbar from the brand Vizio can be easily connected with the TV through wires as well as without wires. If you want to connect sound bar without the wires then also you can connect it very easily. It has the Bluetooth connectivity option. There is also a remote available with this sound bar so you can easily operate this device with the remotes. You will also get wireless subwoofers with this sound bar which is not available in most of the devices.
If you want to listen to songs and play games with high-quality audio and bass then these subwoofers will be best for you. If you love streaming audio then you can easily do this with a mobile phone and desktops. This soundbar contains Bluetooth connectivity through which mobile phones and desktops can be easily connected. Once connecting them through Bluetooth you can do the streaming easily. Now when you will watch the movies on your TV with this sound bar, you will experience the best sound quality because of its HD sound quality.

Why do we need to reset the Vizio Soundbar?

There are many reasons for which we have to reset our Vizio Soundbar. When we use the sound bar for a long time then that after that we may face many issues related to this device. If we face issues related to connectivity. Like when we try to connect our speakers with the TV or mobile phone but it does not connect. This issue can be fixed when we will reset our sound bar. Other issues can be of technical errors like sound is not coming properly or soundbar is automatically turning on and off. So, these problems can also be solved. When we will reset the sound bar then this all issues get fixed automatically.

What happens after we do a factory reset of Vizio soundbar?

When we reset our Vizio soundbar then we allow it to restore everything to its default form. This means that when we will reset our soundbar then after that we will lose all the configuration that we had done in the past. The Vizio soundbar will also get disconnected from our TV and mobile phone also. We will have to pair this soundbar again with our mobile phone or TV if we want to connect it through Bluetooth.

Now, if you want to know that how to reset Vizio Sound bar? then follow the given process properly:

How to reset Vizio soundbar remote?

If there is some problem with the remote of your soundbar then you can fix it. Only you have to do one thing which is to reset Vizio soundbar remote. To know this process just follow the steps given below:

  • If you want to fix the issues of your Vizio sound bar remote, then first of all you have to turn off your sound bar.
  • After that you need to remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Once the battery of the remote got out. Then you can do one thing that is to press all the buttons on the remote for 2 to 3 times.
  • After that you have to check that whether the battery have power or not. If the battery is very low then you need to put new batteries in the remote.
  • Now, open your television with which the sound bar is connected. Also open the Vizio sound bar.
  • Once you will open the Vizio sound bar just check the remote by pressing any button. If it will start working then the process to reset Vizio soundbar remote will complete.

How to reset Vizio sound bar without remote?

If you want to know the process to reset Vizio soundbar without remote then follow the procedure given below in the article properly:

  • First of all, you have to find the button given for “input” on your Vizio sound bar.
  • Once you will get that button, then also find the button used for “volume low”.
  • Now, you have to hold both buttons and press them for more than 4 to 5 seconds. Press both of the buttons together to proper complete the process.
  • After you will do this, then you will see that your soundbar is started the process of reset.
  • Once the reset process of your Vizio soundbar will be done. Then it will start again. This method will take only 2 to 3 minutes to be done.

How to reset Vizio sound bar to factory settings?

If your Vizio sound bar is not connecting with your device. If it is having issues in sound and turning on and off automatically. Then to solve these problems you can try to reset the Vizio sound bar to factory settings.
Remember one thing after the device will reset to its factory settings then you will have to again configure everything as per your choice.
Follow the given process to reset the Vizio sound bar to factory settings:

  • To start this procedure, first you have to find the button for “Bluetooth” given on the Vizio sound bar.
  • After that find the button used for lowering the volume of the sound bar.
  • Now you have to hold the Bluetooth button and the Volume down button and then press them for more than 5 to 6 seconds.
  • You must have to do this process at the same time to continue the procedure.
  • Once, you will do this then after that you have to check the lights of the Vizio sound bar.
  • The lights must blink for at least 3 times.
  • If the light will blink for 3 times, then the process to reset Vizio sound bar to factory settings will complete.

How to fix the issue “Vizio soundbar won’t turn on”?

When you are trying to connect your Vizio soundbar with your television or mobile phone. But it is not connecting because your Vizio sound bar is not turning on. So, to fix the problem of Vizio sound bar not turning on, just follow the steps given below in this article:

  • To do fix this issue you can try the process of power cycling of your Soundbar.
  • First of all, you have to find the power cable and where it is connected.
  • Once you will get the point from where the Vizio soundbar is connected to power supply. Just go there and remove the power cable from the power supply socket.
  • Now, after doing this you have to find the button given for “power on” on your Vizio sound bar.
  • Once you will get this button, then just hold it and press for at least 6 to 7 seconds.
  • After this you have to again give the power supply to your Vizio sound bar. To do this you have to just connect the power cable of sound bar to the power socket given on the wall.
  • Now, try to switch on your Vizio sound bar again. If it turns on that means the issue of Vizio sound bar won’t turn on is fixed.

Vizio sound bar blinking no sound

If you are hearing to some music or watching any movies on your TV. This TV is connected with the Vizio sound bar. Suddenly you experience that the sound coming from this Vizio sound bar is stopped and you are not able to hear the sound anymore. Now, to solve this issue you have followed the steps given below:

  • First thing you can try is that you have to find the button given for the volume. Now, just press that button, if the sound starts to come then it’s done.
  • But if this process does not fix your issue, then you can try to increase the sound from the other audio source provide.
  • The Last thing you can do is to check the source through which your TV or mobile phone is connected with the soundbar.
  • If by some reason it is not connected properly then try to reconnect your soundbar with your device.

If the LED lights which are provided on the Vizio soundbar are started flashing continuously. Then this problem can only be fixed by resetting your Vizio sound bar to factory settings. The process to do this is given above in this aticle.