how to reset tools in photoshop cs3

Here is how you can reset tools in Photoshop cs3 to its default settings. Most graphics designers usually use Photoshop for a lot of graphics and designing work. For those who like to use other graphic designing software is also a good source equivalent (it can also be used Adobe photoshop). A common problem that people encounter when running Photoshop is to change the default settings while experimenting, and then forget the original settings. If you have used Photoshop long enough, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

All thing ok, Good news is that there are some simple fixes available to which allow you to reset tools in photoshop css3. That is a gift for us from the Adobe software company. We all are thankful to Adobe to make such a simple user interface.

Reset tools in photoshop cs3

Are you facing the crashing issue with tools of photoshop cs3? Try this method and sort out it. Definitely, you will get better results after performing the instructions.


  • Find the tool options bar in Adobe photoshop cs3. 
  • Now, you have to right-click on the tool preset picker option which you find on the tool options bar. (usually tool picker icon shows four arrows in all directions.)
  • Click on the “Reset all tools“. It will reset the all tool in pre-default or original settings like when you downloaded the Adobe photoshop cs3 first time.
  • Also, by choosing the “Reset tool” option you can reset any particular tool if you want.

Reset Preferences settings in Adobe photoshop cs3

When using Photoshop, many users change the settings of the program, which causes the program to behave badly. Resetting Photoshop settings can solve Photoshop problems, it is best to try. This simple guide will show you how to repair Photoshop. Set to the default state. There are two different ways to reset your settings.

  • Look out for the Adobe photoshop icon in the photoshop cs3 and double click on it.
  • if you are a Mac user then pressing down the Command + Option + Shift keys quickly.
  • If you are a windows user pressing down the Ctrl + Alt + Shift quickly.
  • Either you are a Mac user or a Windows user at last dialogue box will appear after pressing the above keys. Press ok on it.

Conclusion and warnings

This process will reset you to factory settings, so you may need to reconfigure the tools and toolbar. This simple tutorial will show you how to reset Photoshop cs3 settings to their default state. So, make sure you remember the customize configuration which you like more and set it again properly after resetting the tools or toolbar.