How to reset YAMAY Fitness Tracker 2021 Version?

Read this article carefully if you want to know that how to reset YAMAY Fitness Tracker 2021 Version. You should know that when you will reset your YAMAY Fitness Tracker then all the data which is in the tracker will be deleted
permanently. So, if you will ever want to regain the deleted data then also you will not get it. These data contain all of your progress related to the number of steps, total calories and total active time, etc.

But it does not mean that the data in your mobile phone or tablet which is paired with the YAMAY fitness tracker will also get deleted. We reset our tracker only if we want to give it to somebody or to sell it to somebody. In order to give or sell, we have to clear all the data that is why for clearing all the data related to us we reset our Fitness tracker.

To reset YAMAY Fitness Tracker 2021 Version, you have to follow the given steps:

  • To reset this Fitness tracker, first of all, we need to install the “VeryFitPro” app on our mobile phone. We will get this from the Play store or Appstore.
  • Now, when the app will be installed on our mobile phone, we have to sync our YAMAY Fitness Tracker with our mobile using this app.
  • When the device will get synced with our mobile phone after that, we will open the app which we downloaded on our phone.
  • When the app will open, we have to find the option for “device” and tap on it.
  • After selecting device, we will reach to a new tab where we have to choose “more”.
  • Now once we will tap on more from there, we will get the option to reset the YAMAY Fitness Tracker.
  • We will confirm it and after that process of reset will complete.