reset Apple Airpods max

How to reset Apple Airpods max

Apple’s latest AirPods max headphone is the best among all noise cancelling premium quality headphones. As technology moves ahead, no of buttons decreases from every device. You can take the example of Apple Airpods max which has not reset button. Apple has removed the reset button rather you can factory reset apple Airpods max using the noise control button.
When the headphone is not able to connect with the Bluetooth device, reset is the only option to sort out the issue. Maybe sometimes you find the battery problem and noise problem in the Apple Airpods max, you can either hard reset or soft reset it. So, the system can be restored and your headphone starts working properly.

Soft reset Apple Airpods max

Mainly, you can reboot the other headphones by pressing the power button but Apple doesn’t provide the power button to reboot Airpods max. However, Apple has created some steps or instructions to reset the Airpods max which we have explained here. It will take 2 minutes from your precious time.

  • Take a look at the right earbuds of the headphone and locate the Digital crown button and noise control button. Bear down these 2 buttons together and hold them for a while.
  • While holding the button, focus on the status light which you find at the bottom of the right ear cup.
  • If you will see that status light color change to amber then release both the button. You have to press both button for minimum 12 seconds and maximum 14 seconds.
  • When the light changes to amber let go of both the button quickly otherwise your headphone will be factory reset instead of rebooting.
  • After 1 or 2 minutes Airpods max headphone restart automatically and you should try to connect it with the Bluetooth device and confirm that issue is detected and solved.

A soft reset is a simple reset such that a power cycle reset. You have to simply restart the headphone and you have done it in no time. Mainly, you can use these steps, when you face an audio problem or noise problem.

Hard reset Apple Airpods max pro

Generally, when you perform the hard reset operation with any headphones, it will forget all the devices and restore the default system. It clears the cache data from its memory. After hard resetting the Apple Airpods max, you have to add the device again to your iCloud account As hard reset will remove from it. Mainly, you can perform these steps to solve the Bluetooth connectivity problems.

  • The step is the same as above but there is a minor difference. Perform the first and second steps from the above section same.
  • Now, hold the noise control button + Digital crown button for 15 seconds.
  • You will see the first colour of light will change to amber and after it turns to white which means the factory reset process is started.
  • Now, wait and watch. Once the process will complete, reconnect it with any device and enjoy your music.