Reset Cisco Business 145AC W-Fi Access Point?

So, first of all we will know that what is Cisco business 145AC Wi-Fi Access Point is and what are its uses? Then after that we will learn to reset Cisco Business 145AC
The 145AC Access Point is one of the best access point which is small and easy to carry. We can easily fix it on the wall. People who are looking for some internet connection for their offices as well as for any other purpose like using in home or for streaming so they can use Cisco Business 145AC W-Fi Access Point because it provides us connections for both devices either it is wireless or wired.

Now it is clear to us that what 145AC Access point is and also about its work. In some occasions we need to reset Cisco Business 145AC W-Fi Access Point, when we get an update for its firmware version. So, if you already know how to complete this process then its fine but if you don’t know then read this article carefully here you will get an idea for how to reset 145AC access point?

Reset 145AC access point

Follow the process given in the article:

  • You can reset your 145AC Access point manually by the help of user interface menu of web.
  • You have to open the interface then you will get the option for “Advanced” when you will click on that the fourth option below will be of “primary access point tools”.
  • Now you have to select the primary access point tools. Once you selected that you will get the option by clicking that the primary AP will restart.
  • Now, the option provided in the middle will be of “configuration management” when you will select that you will see there will be the option provided for resetting the 145AC Wi-Fi Access Point.
  • If you want to reset the secondary access point you will have to go to the “monitoring” option where you have to select “network summary” and after that “access point”.
  • When you will open the new window by clicking on access point you have to select a “non-primary Access point”.
  • After that just you have to scroll it down where you will be provided with the option to reset cisco business 145ac secondary access point. Click on that and your reset will complete.