How to reset DirecTV remote

Are you here because your DIRECTV remote control not responding? Am I right? Nothing to worry about, It happens to everyone and that is a common problem. Maybe it dropped too many times, or you tried to use an old remote with a new box. Either way, you may need to reset the DirecTV remote. No matter what remote control you have, as long as it has the DIRECTV logo on it, there is a very simple way to reset it.
Universal remote of DirecTV can control up to four devices, including televisions, game consoles, DVD players, etc. In such cases, you can easily control all devices with a single remote control instead of using many remotes for many devices. You will see a mode button at the top of the remote control, it determines which device you are controlling with the remote.

Check the battery of remote controller

Before you will reset DirecTV remote control you should check the battery of the DirecTV remote. Might battery of the remote is low and you are finding solutions for other problems. A dead battery or low battery is almost always a problem with the remote control. Even if the remote control works several times, replace the battery before doing anything else. A dead battery can cause a poor signal, which can cause problems.
This is another reminder when the remote control battery is low. Open the battery cover and twist the batteries, or take them out and put them back in place.

Simple Reset DirecTV remote

Here, we have written step-by-step instructions for you to reset the DirecTV remote. Follow it.

  • Take remote control of the DirecTV and Press the MENU Button on it.
  • Now, scroll down using the Arrow down button and select Settings Option, and press the Select Button to select it.
  • Now, move to the “Remote control” section and press the Select button to select it.
  • Choose a Pair/Program Remote. It totally depends on your setup, either it is automatic or you need to put codes from the remote manually if you have set it before. Moreover, you can use the code lookup tool to find the 5-digit code.

This is the simple method to reset DirecTV remote control. Maybe it happens you are not able to solve the issue of remote control using this method. Don’t worry you can do a factory reset to its original settings. At below all instructions are given.

Factory reset DirecTV remote

If the above method will not work to reset your remote control then you must have to try this method.

  • Take your DirecTV remote. Now, long press and hold the MUTE button and SELECT button simultaneously until the light flashes three times.
  • Now you need to press 9 after it presses 8, and after it presses 1, and finally presses Select Button.

At last, you have done the factory reset of the DirecTV remote. You should reset and re-pair the remote control with DirectTV.