How to reset iPhone 11 pro max

iPhone 11 pro max is one of the best devices from all devices of Apple. Rather, We don’t know why you want to reset iPhone 11 pro max. We have some quick solutions to fix the problems in your iPhone 11 pro max.

How to reset iPhone 11 pro max camera

iPhone 11 pro max comes with 3 cameras and you should have proper knowledge of each lens and its settings. If you are facing problems with the iPhone 11 pro max camera like the camera is not catching the clear image, you can’t able to set the proper angle with the lenses then you can update the driver of the device using the followed method.

  • First, turn on the iPhone 11 pro max and navigate to the Settings menu which you will find on the home screen of your device.
  • Now, inside the settings menu scroll down and simply tap on the General option and enter into it.
  • next, you have to click on the Software Update option to check any system software update available or not.
  • Here, you will see messages like this your phone is up-to-date if any software update is not available.
  • If you find that software update available then you have to download and install it. you can start the download process by clicking on the Download and Install button. It will take a time to download the process according to your internet speed and then it will automatically install on your phone. The installation process can take 5 to 10 minutes so be patient.

If still camera of your device not working then you can clear the lens, remove the protective case of your device, restart the camera app, forced restart your phone, or clear the cache data of your iPhone and try to solve the problem.

Reset iPhone 11 pro max using iTunes

Do you want to reset iPhone 11 pro max without passcode or want to reset iPhone 11 pro max when frozen? iTunes inbuilt mac software always allows you to do that. Also, using iTunes you can restore or backup your iPhone. If you will not take the backup using iTunes or iCloud then you will lose all the data and shall not get return it. So, before performing the factory reset operation with iTunes take a backup of the important data in your computer or anywhere.
After the 3 to 4 minutes you will see the default home screen on your iPhone 11 pro max after performing the reset operation.

  • Before starting the process make sure that you are using the mac computer. If you are using another computer then it must have pre-installed iTunes software.
  • Now, connect your iPhone 11 pro max to the computer using any USB cable. You can also connect both the device using the charging cable.
  • Now, you have to perform the 3rd and 4th steps very swiftly. Press and release volume up button in iPhone 11 pro max. After you have quickly press the Volume down button on the iPhone.
  • Now, hold the side button and you see the company logo on the screen of iPhone 11 pro max. Still, you have to hold the side button.
  • After few seconds, you will see connect to iTunes on the screen then release the side button.
  • Once you complete the above steps on the iPhone, open your computer and start the iTunes software and check for the connected iOS device.
  • From here either you can restore your phone or factory reset your phone.
  • Once, reset process will complete using iTunes, it will automatically reboot and you see the default home screen.