How to reset Lexmark MC3326adwe

If you are facing a problem performing the process of resetting your Lexmark MC3326adwe printer. Then this article will help you to reset the Lexmark MC3326adwe printer properly. But before this, you have to know about the feature of the Lexmark MC3326adwe printer,
If you are tired of using the old type of printer. Which is giving very few types of facilities. Like printing of the documents only. You cannot connect the old version of the printer without the wires. So, if you are looking to change your old printer. Then you can buy a Lexmark C3326adwe printer. This printer will provide you all the functions which you want to have in your printer.
There are many new types of features available nowadays in the printer which were not available in old printers. You will get the option of printing from both sides of this printer. If you want to fax or scan your important documents and files then you can do this also with the help of the Lexmark C3326adwe printer. The speed of printing provided by this printer is also very high. You can print more than 25 pages in 1 minute using this printer. Now, let’s come to the connectivity option. If you do not want to connect your Lexmark C3326adwe printer with the wires. Then you will be happy to know that this printer also has the facility of connecting through Wi-Fi also. If you want to use this printer with your mobile phone. Then you will also have the option of configuring it through a mobile phone. You have to download the app for this printer on your mobile phone.

What happens after resetting the Lexmark C3326adwe printer?

At the point when you will finish the process of resetting your Lexmark C3326adwe printer. Then, at that point, you will permit it to return to the default method of its working. After the Lexmark C3326adwe printer will reset then you can at this point don’t use it straightforwardly like you used to use it previously. The settings which you had done in past to this printer will likewise presently don’t exist. You will see that your Lexmark C3326adwe will change its settings and working the same as it was at the point at which you bought it.

The process you had done already to set your Lexmark printer will likewise not work. Thus, this implies that you need to do all the procedures of setup from the beginning. You may have the option to use your Lexmark printer after that. The device which you had connected with your Lexmark printer will likewise get eliminate from the connections. In this situation, to use this printer for printing or some other reason. You will likewise need to connect your mobile phone or work area again with the Lexmark C3326adwe printer.

These all were the things that you need to know prior to resetting the Lexmark C3326adwe printer.

What are the reasons to reset the Lexmark MC3326adwe printer?

At the point when we use the Lexmark printer for many types of purposes. Then, at that point, many of us face issues with our Lexmark C3326adwe printer. At the point when we use the Lexmark C3326adwe printer then the main type issues we face are identified with,

Issues related to a technical error

At the point when we begin using the Canon printer for some sorts of works. These works are generally of the printing of our important docs. We likewise use the Lexmark printer for our high-quality pictures. Now and again when we need to fax or photocopy the important docs then likewise this Lexmark printer helps us. But because of the different works which we do on our Lexmark printer we face numerous types of issues. Like when we attempt to print the records and pictures then we experience that the printing facility isn’t working. Sometimes when we see that our Lexmark printer power off and power on without the order given by us. Now, to fix these sorts of issues we need to reset the Lexmark C3326adwe printer.

Issues related to connectivity

We don’t just deal with the issues which are related to printing and other specialized works. However, sometimes when we attempt to connect the Lexmark C3326adwe printer with our laptop or our mobile phone. Then, at that point sometimes we experience numerous sorts of connection-related problems. These issues happens generally when we connect the Lexmark printers with countless laptops or mobile phones. Presently, to fix this issue to connect the Lexmark printer appropriately with our devices. We need to reset the Lexmark C3326adwe printer.

How to reset the Lexmark MC3326adwe printer?

If you are also facing issues while you are printing some docs or pictures. Or when you are trying to connect your Lexmark MC3326adwe printer with the mobile phone or laptop. Then at that, you are facing problems. So, to fix all these problems you need to know the process to reset the Lexmark MC3326adwe printer.
Now, the given process will help you to do so. You just have to appropriately read it.

  • You have to first switch on the system of your Lexmark MC3326adwe printer with the help of the button provided for power on. You will get this button on your Lexmark printer.
  • Now, you have to reach the menu of the main screen of the Lexmark printer. The main screen is also known as the home screen.
  • Once the screen of the home menu will be visible. Then you have to find the option provided for opening the menu of “settings or configuration”.
  • After finding the option for opening the menu of “settings”. You have to choose this option which will take you to the screen of settings.
  • Now, after opening the menu for settings. You need to select the “general settings” option.
  • Once the menu will appear for “general settings”. Then from there, you find the option of “factory defaults”.
  • After finding the “factory defaults” option. You have to press on this menu.
  • From there you will get the option for “reset”. You have to press on this option.
  • After confirming the option for restore. You need to select “ok”.

When you will press “ok” then after that the resetting process will finish.