How to reset iPhone 5s without iCloud password

For some people, owning an iPhone is not enough. Since upgrading to the latest iPhone, they can hardly see the old iPhone. When the unfortunate chord of destiny struck, they could not remember the password set for their device.
Even the password test for multiple passwords is not good, and the result is “iPhone is disabled”. This is a very scary situation, but it can be resolved by performing a factory reset on the iPhone. It is usually difficult to restore factory settings on iPhone without a password or computer, but we have way! Continue to learn how to factory reset iPhone 5s without iCloud password.

Factory reset iPhone 5s without iCloud password

What if you or the seller forget your iCloud password? If you don’t have an iCloud password, the best way to reset your iPhone is here. Use a reliable reset tool-FoneCope iOS Unlock to delete your iCloud account/Apple ID and all data/files on your device.
FoneCope IOS tool will Reset your iPhone 5S to original settings, delete your iCloud account and Apple ID. Also, you will be able to easily change your iCloud account to a new account and remove Apple ID from iPhone 5SWithout a password. Once you will delete the iCloud account, previous iPhone users cannot remotely track/delete/lock their devices.
iOS Unlock provides different solutions for enabling or disabling “Find My iPhone”. In addition, you can reset your iPhone without the lock password.

  • First, install and run FoneCope iOS Unlock on the PC, click “Unlock Apple ID”.
  • Select the unlock mode to delete the password.
  • Connect the iPad to the computer via a USB cable. Then click “Trust” to trust your computer.
  • Unlock your IOS device and trust this connection Then click “Start Unlock” to reset iPhone to its original settings.

There are two situations for this step. If your “Find My iPhone” is disabled, the unlock and reset will complete automatically.
But if you have “Find My iPhone” enabled, you need to follow the instructions to do the following on your iPhone. Click Reset All Settings to continue with the process.
Now, wait for a while it will take a few minutes, and after you will get your iPhone 5s to its original settings.
Now, you have lost all the data which you have a store in the iPhone 5S rather it is important for you or not.


As you can conclude, when it comes to how to reset iPhone 5S without an iCloud password and how to erase iPhone 5Swithout an iCloud password, the process is very simple. These steps are very easy to follow and allow you to put the device in the desired state.
Fonecope IOS are one the best tool to factory reset iPhone 5s without iCloud password as we recommended in this article. We hope you have solved the issue using the Fonecope IOS tool.