A jazzy power chair is the perfect product for those who need help in terms of mobility designed for everyone’s needs. In laymen language, it’s a modern wheelchair, with advanced controls for effortless mobility. Though it is understandable that usage after a period of time becomes difficult, problems increase as time passes by. In this article we will learn the reset jazzy power chair process-

why you may need to consider resetting your jazzy power chair.

The first thing you need to do to fix your jazzy power chair is a list of checking these things,

  • The main reason due to which the need of Reset jazzy power chair is because of a faulty circuit, so check the circuit breaker if the chair seems out of power. The circuit breaker is on the battery pack. Press the ‘Reset’ button
  • Make sure that there is no moisture in the control box, if there is just wipe it with a dry cloth / towel and allow it to rest for a day. Do not turn it on or set to charge. It can cause complications that way
  • The plugs holes, motor/ power connectors, may become accumulated with dirt and dust over time, it is important to clean them.
  • You will find the chair’s driving axel located in the drive wheel. Cleaning them may result in better performance
  • If nothing works take a look at the jazzy power chair repair manual.

Now you have learned how to Reset jazzy power chair!