reset Lexmark B3340dw

How to reset Lexmark B3340dw printer

You can reset or remove the system errors by performing a factory reset operation on every printer but sometimes error occurs due to ink jams on the hardware of the Lexmark printer. So, you can clear jams regularly. You should set fix time period between 2 clean according to the use of the printer.
However, you can get errors sometimes due to ink cartridge level after resetting. To solve the error, you can reset only the ink cartridge level or whole printer system settings. When you reset the Lexmark B3340dw printer to factory defaults, it will remove all the glitches and set a new ink level for the cartridge chip.

Factory reset Lexmark B3340dw printer

For the printer, the factory reset process is not too harmful but it will remove all settings. After that, you will see that your printer has default settings remaining. So, you have to put your efforts to set the printer back after resetting it once.

  • Open the control panel of the Lexmark B3340dw printer.
  • Next, open the settings menu from the control panel. To open it, select the settings menu and press the ok button.
  • After that go to the Device option.
  • Then select Restore to factory defaults option.
  • Now, you will see a list of all settings which you can restore. If you have an issue with a particular part of the printer then you can reset particular settings. SO, other settings can remain unchanged.
  • The list of options contains reset network settings, reset printer settings and, reset all settings, etc.
  • To reset Lexmark B3340dw to manufactured settings, you can choose reset all settings.
  • Now, wait until printer complete the process and then set it again from first and try to print anything for checking purpose.

Solve troubleshooting problem for Lexmark B3340dw printer

A very common problem is that printer is not responding. To sort out it, you should check the power connection of the printer first. Also, check power outlet or cord is not broken. Maybe, it is possible that your printer is in sleep mode. Furthermore, check that you have connected the printer with the computer correctly. If above all things are fine then you can reboot the Lexmark printer which will help you to solve the printer.
Sometimes, you will face with network connection problem. At that time, you should check the printer IP address is correct or not. The basic thing you should check to solve the network connection problem is the internet connection and browser version.