reset iPhone 12 pro

How to reset iPhone 12 pro to factory settings

The iPhone and iOS themselves have made great strides. A few years back, You had to reset any iPhone model once every 6 to 8 months to make sure it keeps running smoothly. Fortunately, this is no longer the case when technology increases and the new iPhone model launched. If you need to reset iPhone 12 pro to factory settings then you are reading the right instructions.
First, you have to clear the difference between the hard reset and the soft reset. A soft reset is a simple power cycle reset. It will clear only cache data in your memory so your phone’s performance can be improved. Hard reset is the factory reset process and it will clear all the data excluding system software.
Here, we are going to explain how to soft and hard reset iPhone 12 pro to factory settings.

Reset iPhone 12 pro camera settings

Sometimes, we have to set camera settings according to location and the environment to take a better quality of the photo. However, you can save that setting on a permanent basis. Now, you want to change full camera settings and you have to reset all the camera settings first then what you will do? Do you have any idea about resetting iPhone 12 pro camera settings?
Well, below steps for you people.

  • Rather, you can reset the camera settings from the camera app and settings menu both but we will do it from the settings menu.
  • Open the settings menu and Navigate to the camera section.
  • Now, move to the preserve settings.
  • Here, you have to switch the toggle off for the camera, Live photos options, etc.

Now, when you will open the camera app after closing once, it will remove all previous settings and the camera will open in default mode. If you want to preserve settings again then you can toggle on.

Reset iPhone 12 pro passcode

You reset iPhone 12 pro passcode easily like another device if you have remembered the previous password. You have to simply change the password from the settings menu.

  • Turn on the iPhone 12 pro and go to the Settings menu.
  • Locate the Touch ID & Passcode option and click on it.
  • Now, turn on the passcode if it is disabled. If you are already using the passcode then you can reset it by clicking on change passcode and enter a new passcode.
  • Back to the home screen, turn off iPhone 12 pro and check new passcode is working fine or not.

Reset iPhone 12 pro with buttons

If you remembered the previous password of the iPhone 12 then you can reset the passcode easily but what if you forgot the passcode and the iPhone is disabled. Every problem has a solution and here the same thing happens. You can hard reset iPhone 12 pro with buttons. But problem is that you will lose all the data. If you want to recover data then you can use iTunes or any other third-party software.

  • Quickly follow each step otherwise you have to follow all steps from the beginning. First, Quickly tap on the Volume Up button.
  • Next, quickly tap on the Volume Down button.
  • Bear down and hold the Side button. When you feel vibrate or see the Apple logo on the screen let go of both the side button and wait until iPhone 12 will restart.

Here, you have done force restart. If you want to wipe all the data in your iPhone 12 pro then you can factory reset the phone.