How to reset Motorola modem sbg6580

If your Motorola modem sbg680 is not worked well as it should, dropping connections often, or not gives any kind of response then you should reset Motorola modem sbg6580.
Forgot password and username are not a big issue. You can reset it by operating the factory reset in the device. However, you have never change the password of the Motorola modem sbg6580’s password and username then you can use the default password and username of it. We will go through the one-by-one process from factory reset your device to how to log in after factory reset Motorola modem sbg6580.

Hard reset Motorola modem sbg6580

Might you are not aware but factory reset will reset your modem to its manufactured settings and you lose all customized settings. If you don’t want to put much effort to set it again after the factory reset process, you should make a backup copy of the settings.
By the way, there is not any special kind of instruction to reset this model like other devices but you can apply the 30 – 30 – 30 reset rule. It will take you to its factory default settings.

  • Start by turning on the Motorola modem.
  • Bear down the reset button for a minimum of 30 seconds and make sure you will not skip a once in the next 30 seconds. (If you are not able to press it using your hand, take some sharp thing and try again to press it.)
  • Make sure you have held the reset button still and disconnect the power cord of the Motorola modem from the power plug. Now, start the countdown of 30 seconds again and don’t release the power button.
  • In the next 30 seconds, you will still continue to hold the reset button and plug the power cord into the power socket again.
  • Finally, after 90 seconds you can let go of the reset button and your Motorola modem sbg6580 will be reset to its original settings.

Default settings of Motorola modem sbg6580

  • You can use this default setting of Motorola modem sbg6580 when you didn’t make any changes to your modem.
  • However, after the hard reset of your modem, it comes to its default settings. So, In this situation, you can also use these default settings.
  • When you use the default settings of the Motorola modem, Anyone can use your modem using the default password and username. To increase the privacy of your data and the security of your modem device you should change the username and password.
  • The Default Gateway IP of the Motorola modem is While login into the modem you need a Default username and Default password which is admin and Motorola.

Login to Motorola modem sbg6580 after factory reset

Once the master reset process complete, you need to log in to the modem to use it again. Here we use the default username and default password. After successful login to your modem, you can change the password and username of it to increase the security.

  • open the web browser on any device and go to this web address
  • Now, you will see the login screen. Enter the default password and default username given in the above section.
  • Don’t forget to change the username and password after login into the dashboard.