How to reset parental controls on sceptre tv

Parental controls are fundamental for you to guarantee you know precisely the thing your child is watching and when they’re watching on your Sceptre smart TV. With these controls on your Android television, you can without much of a stretch set them up to line your children’s access to sceptre smart TV. Do you know how to reset parental control on Sceptre smart TV? No, then you are at the right place to learn that.

It’s great to have a touch of power over what your children are presented to, which is the reason parental controls are fairly essential. Setting up these controls may sound somewhat interesting, yet it’s very simple. Here’s the way to get it set up and how to utilize them by reset parent control on sceptre smart TV.

How to reset parental control on the sceptre smart TV

In simple words, parental control is password protection for every Android smart TV. If you will set up a password in any TV channel or anything like phones then it can be accessible by anyone if they have a password of it. Settings up parental control are a very easy and quick process.

Here, from the below steps, you will learn to reset parental control on the sceptre smart TV.
First, you need to turn on your sceptre smart TV using the power button from the remote controller. Now press the Home or menu Button to open an OSD menu.
Now, move right and left using the arrow buttons from the remote and select “parental control” on your TV screen. Press the “Ok” button to enter into that. Here, you will see lots of options available for you people. You need to choose any option according to the operation you need to perform. We have explained below the function of each option.


    By using the Lock parental control feature, you can access other features and for that, you have to enter the default password into the sceptre smart TV. (Default password is “0000“).


    This feature changes the password of the parental control function.


    Front panel lock will lock the buttons on the TV from functioning. Still, only the POWER button of the remote control will work.


    The source lock feature will lock different sources from working.

  • V-CHIP –

    V-CHIP feature blocks shows under the TV tuner. Under the V-chip menu, you will find me=any options like US V-CHIP, CANADA V-CHIP, BLOCK UNRATED SHOW, DOWNLOADABLE RATING, CLEAR DOWNLOADABLE DATA etc. Moreover, into these options there are other sub-options also available and using it you can block movie and TV shows into your sceptre smart TV and handle the data.


If you are a responsible parent then you must have set parental control for your children, rather we can use it for other reasons also. Use parent control mode and control your child.