reset powerbeats 3

How to reset powerbeats 3

In this article, you will know about the process to reset powerbeats 3. So, if you are trying to reset your powerbeats 3 but facing problems while performing this process. Then this article will be very helpful for you. If you will properly follow the steps that are given here, then it will be very easier for you to finish the process of resetting.
Before you will proceed to the process, first, you must know about the reasons for resetting powerbeats 3. So, if you will face any kind of problems in the future then also you will able to fix that problem by resetting the powerbeats 3.

Why do we need to reset powerbeats 3?

If you are using your powerbeats 3 for a long time. Suddenly one day you observe that the sound coming from your device is getting low. Or you are having issues while connecting your device with your mobile phone. If your powerbeats 3 is having some charging issue and battery backup is getting less day by day.
These all technical as well as connection issues arise with many Bluetooth earphones. If you are also facing these types of problems with your powerbeats 3. To fix these problems you need to reset powerbeats 3.
So, these were the reasons for resetting powerbeats 3. Now we will proceed to the process.

Steps to reset powerbeats 3

Here, given below are the steps that will help you to reset powerbeats 3. You just need to follow the steps properly in order to do this process properly.

  • First of all, you have to first take the powerbeats and then discover the power button on it as well the volume buttons.
  • Once you will discover the power button and the volume button, then you have to hold them and then press them together for at least 10 to 12 seconds.
  • After doing this, you just have to wait until the indicator of the LED light flashes. When the led light will flash that you have to release the buttons that you have pressed.

Once you will finish all these steps properly. After that, the process of resetting powerbeats 3 will finish.

Note: once your powerbeats 3 will reset then after that you have to pair them again with your mobile phone or laptop. Once they get reset, they are not able to recognize or find your device automatically. You will be not able to find your device after the reset, so first, you will have to pair them again.