Sims 3 how to reset sim

Sims 3 how to reset sim

If you don’t know about sims 3 how to reset sim. Then in this article, you will know about this process. The process that is given in this article will fully guide you to complete this task properly.
But before knowing about this process. Many of us will also get confused after reading about this. So, to get them to understand better, first, we will also know about sims 3 and what could be the reasons for which we will have to reset sims. Once we will become aware of sims 3 and the reasons to reset sims in sims 3, then it will be easier for us to read about this task.

What is sims 3?

After reading this word, you must wonder that it must be related to mobile phones and sim cards. But it’s not related to an actual sim card. It is a simulation game. This game was developed in 2009 and the developers of this game were Redwood shores studio.
You can play this game on many different platforms. Like if you have mac or windows, then you can play this game by downloading its mac or windows version. If you also want to play this game on the smartphone then this option is also available because its smartphone version is also available.
So, now you must be cleared about what “sims 3” means. Now we will proceed to the reasons for which we have to reset Sims in sims 3.

Reasons for resetting sims

If you are playing this game and suddenly the sims get invisible, then there must be some sort of issue. Usually, this occurs when the sims get corrupted. So, to fix this type of problem you need to reset the sims. Sometimes sims also get freeze and due to this also you face issues. In this situation also you can try resetting the sims.
So, these were the reasons for sims 3 reset sim. Now we will proceed to the steps that will help us to do so.

Steps to reset sim on sims 3

Given below are the steps, that you need to follow properly to do this process,

  • This process is for resetting a single sim on sims 3.
  • First of all, you will need to open the game, and then in the game, you have to go to the chat windows by opening it. You can do this by pressing ctrl, shift, and c.
  • Now you just have to type the text that will be asked.

First, you will have to type reset sim, then you will have to provide the first and last name. once you will do this all, then the process will finish.

Note: The first and the last name typed by you must be of the same sim you want to reset.