How to reset Samsung galaxy a52

Samsung galaxy a52 comes with the Android operating system and it may be slow down after using it for a long period. Rather there is not only a single reason to factory reset Samsung galaxy a52. If your phone’s performance is decreased or the phone hangs then you can factory reset your Samsung a52. To bypass screen lock and make memory empty this method is useful. Before trading, if you delete the data manually then it may be possible that some data even remains stored in your phone. But when you perform the factory reset operation there is no chance that any single data remains stored in your phone.

Factory reset Samsung Galaxy a52

If you want to bypass the lock of the smartphone or phone that is not responding then you can use this recovery method to reset the Samsung galaxy a52.

  • First, check that your Samsung a52 smartphone is powered off. Samsung has removed the power button from the latest Samsung phone. So, to power off the phone, you have to press the Side key + Volume Down button. you will see a power Menu on the screen and from the menu choose the Power off option.
  • To start the Samsung phone in recovery mode, simply hold down the Volume + button, while bear down the Side key together.
  • After few seconds you will see the Samsung logo on the screen and you can release both buttons. Here, the Android Recovery menu will appear on the screen of a smartphone.
  • Using the Volume + and Volume – button, select the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option, and by pressing the Power button click on your selected option.
  • Now, to click on the “Factory Data Reset“ option use volume buttons + side key.
  • Once you will complete the above steps, it will start the factory reset process and you have to wait until it will be completed.
  • In the Android Recovery menu, you have to select the Reboot System Now option, as usual, using the power key.
  • Now your system will reboot and you will see the default screen.

You will see that you lost all the settings on your device. You have to do all manual settings first.

Master reset Samsung galaxy a52 using code

If you don’t forget the password of the Samsung device then you can use this method to factory reset your device. You have to simply dial the code in your phone and it will reset your phone. The steps are very easy but we explained them in detail.

  • You have to simply turn on the Samsung galaxy a52 phone using a side key.
  • Now, open the call dial menu.
  • On the dial menu, write any code from both given codes. “*#*#7780#*#*” and “*2767*3855#”.
  • Make sure you are dialing any single code and it will reset your Samsung device to original settings.