reset TaoTronics soundbar

It doesn’t matter which brand’s or companies soundbar you are using, after 3 to 4 years of use it will definitely give you less output than when it gives in the 1 year of buying. If you use any soundbar for more than 3 to 4 years then obviously you will face any trouble with that.
Taotronics soundbar is also one of the electronic devices and if you are a user of it then might you need to set up it or connect it to Bluetooth. Here, we have covered how to set up Taotronics soundbar, reset Taotronics soundbar, and some solutions to the common issue.

Taotronics sound bar aux not working

If the aux cable of the Taotronics soundbar is not working that does not mean that the aux cable is faulty. You should cross-check once to find the real problem.

  • Once remove the cable from the soundbar and your device and connect it again to both terminals. You might be able to overcome this issue.
  • Also, you should check by changing the device and soundbar. It can happen that there is a real issue inside the terminal of the device or Taotronics soundbar.
  • At last, you should change the aux cable and if the soundbar works fine with the new aux cable then you find the issue.

After changing the aux cable if the soundbar still does not then you need to reset Taotronics soundbar.

Taotronics soundbar buzzing noise, how to resolve

Sometimes you have not set any hardware properly so the noise of the Taotronics soundbar can be distorted. You need to check some hardware of the system to solve the soundbar buzzing issue.

  • First check aux cable or audio cable is properly connected with the Taotronics soundbar. Use the above method to check the cable.
  • Now, increase the volume of the soundbar steadily.
  • Tap on the mute button. It will turn on the volume.
  • Now, on the soundbar press play or push button.
  • Go to your TV settings and set the audio output mode. Make sure you set audio output mode according to the Taotronics soundbar mode settings.

How to connect Taotronics soundbar

Now, it’s time to connect Taotronics soundbar to any device via Bluetooth.

  • Connect the Taotronics soundbar to the power source and hold the power button until you hear a small beep.
  • The device is initially in Bluetooth mode. If the indicator light starts to flash quickly, turn on Bluetooth in the device which you want to connect and find for nearby devices.
  • Search TaoTronics Soundbar in all results and click Connect.
  • After the connection is successful, you will hear a beep and the display will emit a steady blue light.

how to setup Taotronics soundbar

When you buy a new Taotronics soundbar, you need to set up it first. Rather a setup up this type of electronic device is not too hard. It will take only a few minutes from your precious time.
Connect the power cord of the soundbar to 5V / 1A power source.
Take an aux cable which is split into 2 parts from one side.

  • Connect one single end with your device. For the other 2 ends, you have to connect the Green jack to the audio jack. Also, connect the pink jack with Microphone output.
  • Unmute the soundbar and increase the volume in the soundbar and in your device also. Test the soundbar if it is working properly or not.
  • Also, you can use the soundbar with your headphone. You should follow the same steps to set up your Taotronics soundbar with headphones.


Setting up a Taotronics soundbar is not difficult, We have compiled clear instructions to help you solve any problems which you may encounter. When using a wired connection, make sure that all cables are firmly connected. If you are using a Bluetooth connection then place the external Bluetooth device near the soundbar to achieve a safe connection.
I think it will be easy. The soundbar is designed to get a home theater experience easily at your home. To be honest, they did, but in this case, it’s about how the producers save a little money using this cheap chip, which is awful headaches for the users.