Reset the tipm dodge ram

Reset the tipm dodge RAM

How it works?

Before knowing the work we should know about the tipm dodge ram, it’s primary function to make command from various input in electrical system to switches the recipient in a voltage to ground .
It increases the functionality of components to several inputs in one unit.
Sometimes tipm dodge ram damages it requires the programming goes wrong then reset the ram or positive and negative cables restore the configuration.
Then enter the VIPN and change the cable connection.

How to Reset the tipm dodge ram?

  • Turn off the engine and the ignition of key.
  • Disconnect the positive and negative cables from the engine.
  • After 10 minutes , the cables of positive and negative lines hold the both away from the cable.
  • After 60 seconds, disconnect the two cables and connect back to them in place.
  • Try to start the engine, and confirm the well its done.
  • Whether, the cable of two positive and negative lines are disconnected then positive cable should remain in same place and negative line should hold for 10seconds.
  • You should have the correct tipm part and start the engine and the connection.
  • And turn on the electrical system.
  • And attach two cables connecting to the switch properly.