How to connect Alexa to lights

The newly manufactured lights are coming with the function of Alexa built in. So, now we can give commands to our lights with the Alexa. But first for doing this, we have to learn that how to connect Alexa to lights.
Before we learn that, first we have to connect our bulbs in the same wi-fi connection which is also used for Alexa. Now, not all the bulbs have the capability to connect to Alexa, some smart bulbs like LIFX bulbs or Philips Hue are easily able to work with the help of Alexa.
If you still want to command your bulbs with the Alexa which does not support it, then you can do this by purchasing smart plugs and switches. These switches and plugs are also capable of supporting the Alexa. Nowadays you can also purchase Alexa supporting wall switches which are manufactured by many companies.

Follows the process provided in this Article to know that how to connect Alexa to lights?
  • We have to download the Alexa app first for our mobile phone/ tablet from the Play store or Appstore.
  • Once the app gets installed, we have to open the app and then go to the menu icon.
  • Now we have to select the option “add device” which will help us in adding a new device.
  • Then we will get many options for various device, where we have to choose the option for the light.
  • Now we have to search the brand of our smart bulb.
  • Once we will get the brand name, we have to tap on that.
  • Then the new tab will open where we have to select the model.
  • Once the model will be selected, we have to open the app of that smart bulb. If we don’t have the app, we have to first download it from Appstore/ play store.
  • Now we have to go to the Alexa skill to enable it.
  • After we will do all this then Alexa will get connected to light.