how to reset WOHOME Sound Bar

WOHOME soundbar is a good product in the market with some awesome features. WHY HOME soundbar is of small size, comes with inbuilt Subwoofer, or gives you choice for an external subwoofer. Also, it is cost-effective and the music player is also overall good. These are some reasons to buy the WOHOME soundbar.
After buying it never happen that you will not face any issue inside the WOHOME soundbar. Like other soundbars, it will also fail to connect your device, sometimes gives you distorted noise. You are also one of them who are facing this type of common problem in the WOHOME soundbar. So, you are searching for the solution and suddenly come to this article.
We teach you to reset the WOHOME soundbar at your home. So, to solve the common issue you do not need to waste your time and money by going to the help desk.

Reset WOHOME soundbar

Smart reset is the solution to remove glitches from your WOHOME soundbar. Let’s perform it with our guide.

  • First, you should turn off the power button of the WOHOME soundbar. So, we can start a process.
  • Now, plug out the power cord of the soundbar from the wall power socket.
  • Furthermore, you have to remove the power cord from the rear side of the WOHOME soundbar also.
  • Now, take a time of 30 to 50 seconds to the soundbar for the power cycle reset.
  • At last, you have to plug in the power cord anew and restart your WOHOME soundbar.

A soft reset can remove only software glitches from the Soundbar but What when you have hardware glitches or connection problems? Don’t worry. we will tell you here how you can find the problem and resolve it.

Common problems in WOHOME soundbar and solutions of it

There are lots of hardware and connection problems you can face in the soundbar which we have covered here with the solution.

  • If your soundbar does not give any kind of audio output then you should check for all input and output cables once. Check that all cables are connected to a particular port properly and you are not missing any cable to connect to the soundbar or device.
  • If all cables are connected properly then you should soft reset the soundbar and after restarting, you should increase the volume of the soundbar so that you can know the problem is solved or not.
  • Another common problem is that Bluetooth not connecting. Make sure that your soundbar is connected to only one device.
  • Also, check that in the surround of the soundbar poor signal of the wi-fi or other Bluetooth device is not coming.
  • Also, you can try using another Bluetooth device so that you can know where is the real problem. Don’t forget to check the path between the Bluetooth device and the soundbar. It should be clear and remove all solid things from the path.
  • If the remote of the soundbar is not working then check the battery conditions of the soundbar. You found the battery is discharged then replace it.