reset Amazon Basics luggage lock

How to reset Amazon Basics luggage lock

Amazon’s basic luggage bag comes with a digital lock. You can set a 3 to 8 digit lock and every time you need to enter that combination to open it. Rather than a wheel button lock, the digital lock is safer and protects your luggage better way. Here, you have to replace the battery when it drained to zero. From the back compartment of the lock, you can replace the battery when low battery light blinks on the lock screen.
Also, on the wheel button lock, you have to confirm that lock is done perfectly or not but the Amazon Basic luggage lock will show you the lock confirmation light. Moreover, if you will enter the wrong combination 3 times, it will lock you for 30 seconds. If you again enter the wrong combination more than 3 times, it will lock out additional 5 minutes. So, The Amazon basic luggage lock is more secure than other luggage locks.

Reset Amazon Basic Luggage lock

You will get an emergency lock in Amazon basic bag, to open the bag in emergency conditions such that forgot your password or a combination of the digital lock. Here, we have some guides for you to reset Amazon Basic luggage lock. Here, you will find content on how you can open the Amazon Basic luggage lock for the first time, how to open the digital lock in an emergency condition, etc.

  • If you don’t know the combination and you have a key to the bag then you can use it.
  • So, first, remove the lock cover and insert the emergency key inside the lock and rotate it in the clockwise direction.
  • Next, you have to rotate the knob in the clockwise direction to open the lock.
  • You can use the emergency key to open the lock the first time when you purchase it.

If you set the lock combination, you don’t need to carry on the key every time with the luggage bag. However, if you forgot the password of the lock then you can open it via emergency key and reset it.

  • First, open the door of the luggage lock.
  • Next, press the reset button, while you will hear 2 beeps of sound.
  • Next, enter the new digit combination and press the # button to confirm it. You will see confirm solid light on the lock screen. If you find that light is blinking, you have to reset the code again.
  • Test that digit combination is working fine.


Amazon’s basic digital luggage lock comes with massive features with battery light, lock confirmation light, and warning lights. If you lose your luggage bag, anyone can open-wheel combination using the hit and trial method. In the case of, Amazon basic luggage lock, it will block you if you enter the wrong combination for a couple of times.