How to reset Bose Soundbar

Soundbars of the Bose brand are some of the best. Even though they also get into trouble from time to time. If the problem is serious, you can factory reset Bose soundbar at any time. That is what here we are going to do in this article.

how to reset Bose Soundbar without remote

we have a simple solution to reset the Bose soundbar which solves your issue and you dose not need to perform a hard reset operation. Here, we simply reset Bose soundbar without touching the remote control means power cycle reset.

  • First of all, you have to do is that turn off the Bose soundbar so that we can start the process.
  • Now, locate the power cord socket at the backside of the Bose soundbar and detache it.
  • Also, don’t forget to remove the power cord from the wall.
  • Now, hold back for some time and reconnect the power cord to the Bose soundbar and wall both.
  • Simply, turn on the Bose device so that you can enjoy the audio.

how to reset Bose Soundbar to factory settings

You can restore any device to the original state by Restoring it to the factory settings. When you reset the device, any configuration changes or information stored on the Bose soundbar will be lost.
Many users of the Bose soundbar assert that their devices cannot connect to the Bluetooth of their laptops, or even to the Wi-Fi network also. However, we recommend passing through all options of solution, because a hard reset is totally irreversible process.
When trying to solve a problem, restoring factory settings is not a good idea. Even if, one does not have all possible solutions, this is the safest choice.

  • First, detach the Bose soundbar from the speakers and Internet by turn off the router which is connected to Bose soundbar. When you will power off the router, you will not get internet for other works until you complete the factory reset of Bose soundbar.
  • Now, take the remote control and bear down and hold the Volume ( – ) and Left Navigation buttons for 5 to 6 seconds so that remote’s pairing list can be clear.
  • You will locate the action button (the circle icon) On the Bose soundbar. You have to hold it for 5 seconds after pressing it.
  • Once the all process of factory reset will be completed, the remote control and Bose soundbar will be connected again with one another.
  • Now, turn on the power of the router and reconnect it with the soundbar.

how to reset Bose Soundbar wi-fi

Once you reset your Bose soundbar to its manufactured settings, it will disconnect automatically from the wi-fi and forget your wi-fi device. Now, you have to reconnect the wi-fi to Bose soundbar. You can connect it either via Bose app or web browser in your smartphone.

  • On the remote control, tap and hold the button with TV icon and the skip back button at the same time only for 3 seconds. When the light bar of the sound bar is yellow amber, the sound bar is sending its Wi-Fi network for configuration.
  • Go to the wi-fi settings screen on your mobile device and try connect it with the network starting with “Bose Soundbar”.
  • On the smartphone which you have connected to Bose soundbar wi-fi network, Open the Bose Music app. Now, follow the on screen instructions in the Bose app to connect the Bose soundbar to your network.

These are all steps which you need to do for connecting the wi-fi to your Bose soundbar after master reset.

how to reset Bose Soundbar remote

Quick way to reset any device’s remote control is that reinstall the batteries of the remote properly. Sometimes, this will not help you then you should take some serious action to reset the remote control.

  • On the remote control of the Bose soundbar, locate source and set up buttons and press it for 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds, remote will automatically restart after rebooting.
  • When remote control completely reboot, you will see yellow LED light is blinking and you have to press the power button.