TCL soundbar remote not working

TCL soundbar remote not working

Now, you have set up the TCL Roku smart TV and soundbar via connecting with each other. You can control the TCL Roku smart TV and soundbar using the remote control but what when TCL soundbar remote not working? Have you thought ever what you can do when the TCL soundbar remote can’t send the signal properly? In all these cases you have to fix the remote control of the TCL soundbar.
We have to spell out the same thing to fix the TCL soundbar remote.

Methods to fix TCL soundbar remote not working

We have a method to check the issue in the TCL soundbar remote controller and sort out it. It is important to find the problem because if there is not any problem then for what you will find the solution.

Checkout / replace the battery

Mainly, if the remote control does not work properly then we all check the battery. So, here we will try to fix the glitch by setting up the battery or installing the new battery.
replace the battery

  • Open the battery compartment from the backside of the remote and remove both batteries from the TCL soundbar remote.
  • Wait for 30 to 60 seconds and clean the battery perfectly or clearly.
  • Now, Fit the battery again into the remote controller and check remote is working fine or not.
  • Make sure you have placed the battery with the correct polarity.
  • If you don’t know how to place properly then check the signs on the battery and remote controller battery compartment which will be helpful for you.
  • If still not working then you should try installing the new batteries. Take a new battery and follow the above steps to insert new the battery into the TCL soundbar remote controller.
  • After installing new batteries close the battery compartment in your TCL soundbar remote system.

If you still facing the issue to use the TCL soundbar remote control, you can follow other steps. Make sure the distance between the soundbar and remote control is less than 10m. Try once using the decreasing distance between the remote controller and your device. Sometimes it happens that if the signal can’t reach the property from the remote control to the soundbar then it can’work.

Make sure you are aiming the remote control correctly to the soundbar. You can try using it by cleaning the remote control sensor maybe if works for you.
If you found any methods from above don’t work for you then you should exchange your remote and get a new remote. There is no other solution to control the soundbar.