How to reset Lexmark C2535dw

Lexmark’s printer quality is far better than other local brand’s printers. Rather, you will face the same problems with the Lexmark c2535dw printer. However, a soft reset is not the solution for every problem but hard reset Lexmark c2535dw can solve the problem.
Once the reset is completed, your printer’s system will become the same as you have bought a new one from the market. Some problems can be solved without resetting the printer. That problem’s and solution also we have explained in this article.

Common troubleshooting problem in Lexmark C2535dw printer

  • In the control panel of the printer navigate to the settings menu and press the ok button to enter into it.
  • Now, go to the Network/ports, and inside that move to the USB option by pressing the ok button.
  • At the moment, click on the Enable USB port option to enable the USB. Now, you will not get errors for the USB connection.
  • To remove the printer connectivity error, you should follow the below instructions step by step.
    • As with the above method go to the settings menu inside the control panel by pressing the Ok button.
    • Now, navigate to the Reports option, and inside that move to the network option.
    • Here, you have to go to the network setup page and check the status of the printer which should be connected. Otherwise, you should check all the all connection cables which may be damaged.

    Hard reset Lexmark C2535dw printer

    The factory reset process will remove all glitches from the printer and the last option for the solution of all problems.

    • From the control panel navigate to the Settings menu. Either you can tap on the settings menu or press the ok button after selecting it to enter into that.
    • Now, Select the Device option and press the ok button.
    • Inside the device tap on the Restore to factory defaults option.
    • Now, you have to select all the settings which you want to restore inside the settings menu and click on the Restore button.
    • At the final step, you have to follow the on-screen instructions.

    Summing up thoughts

    Before you perform the factory reset operation, you must have to try to find the problem in the Lexmark printer. For a particular problem, you have to solve using the particular solution.