reset Xbox game bar

How to reset Xbox game bar?

In this article, we will learn the Xbox game bar reset process. You will find this app in any version of windows 10 because it is one of the default apps for windows 10. If you want to open this application you just need to press the windows key plus G key together. If this process does not open the game bar, then there are some issues in your Xbox game bar.

in order to fix this type of issues we can do one thing. We will have to reset the Xbox game bar. To do so you will also need access to your Microsoft account because it is Microsoft store app.

Now here we will know that how we can reset the Xbox game bar?

Procedure to so is given below in this article:

  • First of all, you have to open the app. You can do this with the help of Cortana search box or directly with clicking on it.
  • Now we will sign in into the Xbox with the help of our Microsoft account.
  • Now on the left side we will get a option for settings we will select it.
  • After doing so, we will next do the editing of the registry.
  • First off all we will open registry. To open it we will click the windows key together with the “R” key and then will enter Regedit in the run.
  • When the game will start, we don’t have to run it in full window mode.
  • Now we will check for the hotkey settings of the Xbox application.
  • Once, we did this we will have to install the feature pack of windows media.
  • After doing all of this we will get the access to reinstall the Xbox application. This is how you can reset X box game bar and start make it work again.

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