What should I do to find the Wi-Fi Password on Android?

Did you find the Wi-Fi Password on Android? Here is a perfect solution to get your forgotten password. Once in a while, once you are connected to the wifi network, then you suddenly forget the password. But the password and the SSID of the network are the most useful things to connect to the wifi network. If you wish to share your internet connection with your friends, other devices of offices, colleagues, and family members, the first vital thing is that you have to need security or a key password for your network. After connecting the network with another device, you can easily use a network to accomplish your internet pertinent needs.

The password of the wireless device is the most reliable and necessary to connect your many devices with the internet connection. First of all, to create a password, make sure the IP address of your router. In case, you are using a Fritz box router, first, you have to know about the fritzbox 7490 login Ip address and then open an administration page. Kindly create a wifi password to access your device network. But if you forgot your device password then here are some tips given below to find the Wi-Fi Password on Android.

Steps to find the Wi-Fi Password on Android

The Android device is a single device that always keeps securing your mobile phone data and other information. This is a device that remembers all the things you have to record in its internal memory. If you wish to know how to find the password in the android phone then let’s follow the below-given points.

Find the Wi-Fi Password on Android devices

Due to the Android fragmentation, all the android devices are not the same, the configuration and settings process of all devices are different. So, if you have an android phone device then you have to find the password in your device according to a one-size-fits-all guide. If you are using an Android version 10 and a higher version then you should use the below-mentioned points. It is such as;

Points to sharing the password with others
  • In the beginning, you will have to go into the settings section of your android phone to get your forgotten password.
  • Now, click into the Network and Internet settings section under the settings section, and then click into the wifi settings. In numerous android devices, the option of network or internet settings may be shown as Wi-Fi & Network.
  • Afterward, too many options are shown on your computer screen, just you have to click on the wifi or gear option to turn on the wifi of your wireless enabling device.
  • Now, you might click on the share option and scan the QR code through another device to which you have to connect the internet connection.
  • In the end, kindly verify the Wi-Fi Password on Android, PIN number, and other fingerprint credentials to connect the wifi network to another device.

So, your wireless device’s network is successfully sharing now. You can use the same process to connect the network of the device with other devices.

find the Wi-Fi Password on the Samsung galaxy

Unfortunately, if your Samsung galaxy is not running the wifi settings as per your android 10 then you should use the given points here. To access the wifi password with the same network then you have to share its network with the QR code. These are the following steps to find the password in Samsung galaxy devices of your wifi network. It is such as;

Points to share the network
  • First, you have to open your Samsung galaxy Settings app and then click on the Connections option.
  • Afterward, click on the Wi-Fi option, and then, after this, click on the QR code of your device’s network
  • Through this QR code, you might easily share your device’s network with other devices.
  • When it manifests on your mobile phone screen then share the network of your system with others using the QR code.
  • Now, scan in your other android device this QR code and acquire the wireless network without needing any password.
  • In the end, click on the QR Code through a network sharing the link, email Id, or you should use the Nearby Share feature. Let’s connect its network and enjoy the seamless network connectivity of the internet between your android phones.

So, these are the points to find the Wi-Fi Password on Android. You can use the aforementioned points to find your forgotten password in an easy way.