How to Configure Honeywell Total Comfort Thermostat in 6 easy steps?

The Honeywell Total comfort is an exquisite solution for your business or home if you did not live there. The Honeywell total comfort thermostat is a home control smart device that connects to the internet and controls the heating or cooling system. You can view and modify the heating or cooling system by arranging the temperature and schedules. The smart response technology hand over instant alerts to your email. The WiFi touchscreen programmable thermostat comes with a smallish display that demonstrates the message center, WiFi status, temperature, different schedules, and many more. You can access the device in whatever place just by accomplishing the login process. Here is the thorough installation process.

How to install honeywell thermostat?

Setting up the Honeywell thermostats is unchallenging and hastily. Following the below steps will offer you to finalize the installation.

Installing your Thermostat

Unpack the Honeywell thermostat unit box and take out all the essential equipment. Know that you have the following tools or equipment before going to install the thermostat.

  • Number 2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • Pencil, Electrical Tape, Hammer, and level
  • Small pocket Screwdriver
  • Drill and bits(3/16” for drywall, 7/32” for plaster)

Step 1: Power Off Your Honeywell total comfort Thermostat

  • To reserve your equipment, turn off the power to your thermostat at the breaker or switch.
  • If you have a prevailing thermostat, then remove it. Leave the wiring as well as a wall plate. Click a picture of your prevailing thermostat for future reference.

Step 2: Label cords

  • Use the given sticky tags to label all cords while you disconnect them.
  • Label the cords as per the prevailing thermostat.
  • Write the terminal label on an empty box, if the tag does not correspond with cord labels.
  • In the next step, remove the prevailing wall plate from the wall after remaking all the cords that have been labeled and shut off.
  • Now on your new thermostat, grip the finger by clasping on the up and down of the wallplate in one hand and the Honeywell total comfort thermostat device in the other. Remove the two pieces apart. Once you have ended with the above steps, fit the thermostat with the help of screws and anchors.

Step 3: Mount The Honeywell total comfort thermostat

After removing the pieces apart, fix the new wallplate with the help of screws and anchors. If required, then use Drill and bits(3/16” for drywall, 7/32” for plaster). You can merge the cords to the thermostat using various ways. Check the ways from here.

Step 4: Join cords :

4(a) Wiring (Conventional System)

cord the WiFi thermostat to your conventional system.

  • First, set out the cords label as per terminal labels.
  • The C cord is mandatory to utilize.
  • Unfasten the screws, put the cords into the holes or inside the flank of the terminal.
  • Later, tighten it. Push any extra cords into the wall holes.
4(b) Wiring (Heat Pump System)

cord the WiFi thermostat to your heat pump system.

  • View the cords label on the new thermostat and set as described in the terminal. The C cord is mandatory to utilize.
  • Unfasten the screws and put the cords into the holes on the flank of the terminal, later fasten it.
  • If a prevailing thermostat has a separate cord on AUX and E, then put both cords into the terminal. Now push the extra cord back into the wall holes.
4(c) Honeywell home WiFi thermostat alternate wiring(Conventional System)

If the cords do not match with the terminal, then you can check the manual.

  • Remove the metal jumper which is merged with the R and RC only, if you had connected both R and RC.
  • Join the R cord to the RC terminal, and the RH cord to the R terminal.
  • Evade using the K terminal.
4(d) Alternate Wiring Key(Heat Pump System)
  • Leave the metal jumper between the RC and R terminal in position,
  • If your prevailing thermostat has both V and VR cords, you can visit
  • If separate O and B cords are on the prevailing thermostat, attach the B cord from the C cord. Also, join the O cord to the O/B terminal. Connect O cord to the O/B terminal if the prevailing thermostat has an O cord.
  • The Honeywell total comfort thermostat blinks red light on the upper corner if it detects the problem.

Once you have finalized the wiring system by utilizing one of the above methods, you are good to go for the battery installation. Put the coin cell battery into the compartment viewing the accurate polarity.

Step 5: Position Honeywell total comfort thermostat to the wall

  • Arrange the thermostat to the wall plate and push it into the position.
  • Next, turn on your cooling system by switching the ON button at the breaker box or system switch.
  • In the next step, tap the up or down arrow button on the screen to set the date and time.
  • Clasp and force down the button to hastily modify the Honeywell thermostat settings. Now, determine the conventional system type. If it is a conventional single-stage, then move forward to connect it with the network.

Step 6: Honeywell Thermostat WiFi Setup

Once you set the date and timing, you have to connect your thermostat to the WiFi network. Perceive the instructions carefully to finalize the setup operation.

6(a): How to connect Honeywell Thermostat to WiFi?

To connect the thermostat to the WiFi network, you ought to have a WiFi device connected with your home network. You can use a laptop, tablet, or cell phone. Use the following instructions to do it.

  • On your WiFi-enabled device settings, aspect for the network name with Newthermostat_123456. Note that the network name with numerical alphabets may vary.
  • Chase the thermostat WiFi setup page. Go to the search portal and typewrite the thermostat default IP address in the search section.
  • On the thermostat WiFi setup page, aspect for the home network and hit connect.
  • Next, accomplish the instructions for joining the network such as network password.
  • If you did not discover the network, then hit the rescan option. While connecting to the invisible network, typewrite the SSID and pick the encryption type to manually add the network to the list.
  • Affirm that the thermostat is connected. You can aspect it at the message center. Once you see the connection successful, it means the connection is established.
6(b): How to add Honeywell Thermostat to total connect?

Registering the thermostat online will authorize you to witness and set the thermostat remotely. For that, you ought to have a thermostat ID. To create one, follow the below steps.

Total Connect Comfort Login
  • In your search portal(browser), enroll the Total Connect Comfort website
  • The mytotalconnectcomfort login page reveals. If you have an ID, then just login. Otherwise, create a new ID by enrolling in the email address or other details.
  • Next, go after the interface info. You will receive mail to activate your ID. Go after the activation info and complete the Honeywell login.
Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Thermostat Registration
  • After the successful login, you have to do the totalconnectcomfort registration for Thermostat. Follow the info and add the thermostat location. You ought to enroll in the MAC ID or MAC CRC. Look at the thermostat ID card to use the IDs during the message center as well as in the interior of the thermostat.
  • Once the interface with a success message is presented, it means the total connect comfort is successfully registered. See the thermostat message center, it shows congratulations setup complete.

How to Connect Honeywell Thermostat to Phone?

To connect your cell phone with the Thermostat device, obey the given instructions to do it.

  • Turn on the device Bluetooth option in your cell phone and turn on your thermostat too.
  • Download the Total Connect Comfort app for android or iOS and install it.
  • Launch a Total Connect app from your cell phone.
  • The Honeywell Total Connect Comfort login page reveals.
  • As you already created an ID, just add the WiFi thermostat device by picking from the list. Elect no on the app if the thermostat does not display the temperature.
  • On the next interface, pick no if you are not a professional contractor. Tap confirm for the full setup to join the network.
  • The thermostat configuration page reveals. Pick out any four numbers to set up the PIN. Elect the location where you had installed the thermostat. Typewrite the name of your thermostat as per your entail. In the next steps, you can add features such as Siri voice control, geofencing, and many more.
  • You can even add many functions to the Honeywell app.

How do I remove a device from

To remove the device from the Total connect comfort, obey the following steps.

  • Visit the Honeywell website mytotalconnectcomfort from your cell phone or PC browser. You can also use the Honeywell app as an alternate way. Typewrite the ID details in the Honeywell home login page.
  • Pick the location after reaching the Total Comfort menu.
  • Now pick the location from where you want to remove the comfort system.
  • Next, pick the view settings option for your system.
  • Aspect for the page bottom. There is an icon labeled with a remove comfort system, hit it.
  • A fresh dialogue box will reveal for confirmation, elect yes. In this way, the Honeywell total connect comfort remove thermostat process can be finalized.

Honeywell Total Connect Troubleshooting

While operating the thermostat, you may face numerous problems. Some of the issues that mostly arise are discussed briefly here.

Honeywell Total Connect not working? Solutions
  • Examine that you have installed and set up the thermostat in the correct way as mentioned above.
  • Push the SYSTEM to set the system to heat. Analyze that the temperature is set peaker than the indoor temperature.
  • Push the SYSTEM to set the system to cool. Examine that the temperature is set low as compared to indoor temperature.
  • Assure that the Power button of the thermostat is in ON condition.
  • Get sure the furnace door is not opened. It should be closed exquisitely.
  • Probe the circuit breaker and do the Honeywell thermostat reset operation, if necessary.
  • If the thermostat is displaying wait, then probe that the compressor protection timer is ON. Remain quiet for concerning the thermostat to reboot securely, sans threatening the compressor.
Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app not working

If the Honeywell total connect app not working, then try the below solutions to rectify it.

  • Get sure the Honeywell thermostat app is up to date. Your cell phone should be in proximity to the thermostat range.
  • Clear the Honeywell app data as well as cache. If it does not work, then force stop the app.
  • Delete the app from your cell phone and install it one more time.
  • Use the WiFi network to connect your cell phone to the thermostat instead of the mobile network to acquire a more pleasing experience. Your thermostat and cell phone should be connected to a similitude network.
  • Turn on the flight mode on your cell phone and off it. Next, investigate if the app is working properly.
  • If the Honeywell home total connect comfort app not working still, then probe that your cell phone should have adequate space to operate the app in a working manner. Otherwise, the app may be stuck due to low storage.
  • Probe that the thermostat is broadcasting to the app and you are connected to the accurate network.
  • Ascertain the cell phone is not connecting to the other network by itself.

Can’t get Honeywell Thermostat to connect to WiFi

If the Honeywell Thermostat not connecting to WiFi, then check that the

  • Investigate that your WiFi router is on and it is broadcasting. If not, they restart the router.
  • Test that the device is connecting to the router network by itself once you finalized the setup.
  • Your thermostat and the WiFi-enabled device should be connected to the correspondence network.
  • Verify that you are connecting to the 2.4 GHz network instead of 5 GHz.
  • Test that you are not connecting to the router accessory such as a signal repeater.
  • The other user connected to your network should not be surfing high-end internet tasks such as 4k video streaming, playstation gaming, etc.
  • Your network should not outreach the maximum number of users connecting in real-time.

Honeywell thermostat WiFi reset

  • Switch off your thermostat and turn it again.
  • Clasp and force down the Honeywell WiFi thermostat reset button or fan button for around 10 to 14 seconds.
  • The thermostat will move to the installer mode. The device can read only 39 and 0 now. Therefore, push the next button until you observe 39 on the screen.
  • Next, touch the arrow icon button to interchange the numbers from 39 to 0.
  • Once you reach the number to 0, press done. In this way, a Honeywell thermostat WiFi factory reset has been done.

Honeywell thermostat unable to obtain an IP address

If the Honeywell rth9580wf unable to obtain IP address, it might be due to many reasons. Some of the solutions are given below to rectify this.

  • Disconnect the thermostat for around thirty seconds to a minute.
  • Next, attach the thermostat one more time.
  • In the next steps, restart the thermostat.
  • Once the thermostat reboots, set it up again.

Why am I not able to connect to Is Honeywell Total Connect down? Check Solutions

Most of the users experience trouble while connecting to the Honeywell portal. If it’s because the server is down. The only way to operate the Honeywell device remotely if a server is down is by connecting with Bluetooth. The disadvantage is that the range of the Bluetooth is only 10 meters. Therefore, you can’t access the Honeywell remotely far from 10 meters if the server is down. Instead of down the server, check that there is nothing wrong with you. Try the below tips to rectify the Honeywell thermostat login error problem.

  • Check there is nothing wrong with the router’s internet connection and is broadcasting perfectly.
  • You have enrolled the correct username as well as the passphrase to log in.
  • You are joined to the precise WiFi network. Try browsing the Honeywell portal in other browsers too.
  • If none of the above reasons works, then call the Honeywell team for help.

Honeywell wifi smart color thermostat review

The Honeywell thermostat is designed to view and set the temperature of the room. You can cool or heat the surroundings of the room where you go by remote access. It is much cheaper as.comparing honeywell thermostats in this price point. It is better for old age persons as they face difficulty while adjusting the temperature. So from anywhere, you can adjust the temperature with a web portal and app.